The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Zuhd). This is the renunciation of all things connected to this world. It is a useful approach in the early stages of the Spiritual Path, but not desirable for the one who strives for perfection. Such asceticism implies renouncing the secondary caus...


One of the schools of thought in Islam. One of the most famous scholars to ascribe to this school is Imam al Ghazali.


(Shirk). To associate or join a partner (another reality) with Allah. Shirk is the one unforgivable sin. It is in opposition to the very basis of Islam which is Unity (tawhid).

Associate, one who assigns
Asma al Batiniyyah

Mushrik - see 'Partners-one who assigns'.

Assuming the character traits of Allah
al-takhalluq bi akhlaq Allah

(Takhalluq bi akhlaq Allah). This is synonymous with assuming the traits of Allah's Names.

Assuming the Divine character traits

(Takhalluq). Assuming the (Divine) character traits. The alchemical activity of the spiritual work given to the murid by his Murshid, is the transformation of the base character traits into the Noble Character Traits. When considering the three dist...

Assuming the traits of Allah's Names
al-takhalluq bi asma' Allah

(Takhalluq bi Asma Allah). This is synonymous with assuming the character traits of Allah.

Assuming the traits of the Divine Names
al-takhalluq bi'l-asma' a'-ilahiyya

(Takhalluq bil Asma Ilahiyya).


(Iqaan). Assurance or certainty.

At your service

(Labbayak). These words are on the lips and in the heart of the slave at his time of entry into the Sacred City of Mecca when performing the pilgrimage (Hajj). He is extremely near to Allah at this point in his journey, having been stripped of everyt...


Ru'una - see 'Frivolity' and 'Frivolities of the ego'.


(Hujum). Sudden attacks on the heart through the power of the moment. These occur without any effort or action on the part of the slave. (Hawjama - a single red rose).


Tawajjuh - see 'Turn the face towards'.

Attracted one

(Jadhbi). The one who is attracted or 'grabbed' by Allah. He is the enraptured one, who during his rapture, is present with Allah.


(Sifat). An Attribute or Quality by which Allah reveals Himself in a relative manner. A sifat is a radiation from the Divine Essence through which man can approach Knowledge of Allah. The Essence has no manifestation without the manifestation of Attr...