The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Isharah - see 'Indications'.

Am I not your Lord?
Alastu birabbikum

(Alastu bi Rabbikum?) (The Qur'an 7:171). These words were spoken in Pre-Eternity when Allah addressed the as yet 'non-existent' sons of Adam. This Primordial Covenant is called by the Sufis 'The Day of Alast'.


Mithal/Amthal - see 'Similitude' and 'World of Similitudes'.

Angelic Force
quwwatun malakutiyyah

(Quwwatun malakutiyyah). A supra-formal power. A celestial or angelic force.

Angelic Realm

(Malakut). The celestial and angelic realm. The World of Dominion. A Master said, 'I have no morning and no evening'. 'Morning' pertains to manifestation, the world of the kingdom and the visible. 'Evening' belongs to non-manifestation, the world of...


(Mala'ika). The very substance of the angels is woven from light. The light from which the angels have been shaped is not the Light which is Allah Himself, but it is the radiance emanating from Light or Sheer Being. It is the fourth portion of the fo...

Angels - Enraptured
al-mala'ikat al-muhayyamun

(Mala'ikat al Muhayyamun). The Enraptured Angels who are lost in love and contemplation of Allah and who stand at equal rank with the First Intellect.


Ghadab - see 'Wrath of Allah'.

Animal Self
Nafs al Hayawaniyyah

Nafs al Hayawaniyyah - see 'Self - Animal'.

Animalistic man
al-insan al-hayawan

(Insan al hayawan). This is man cast down to the 'lowest of the low'. Here he appears and acts as an animal in human form. He is in a state of gross disequilibrium, having not yet actualized the divine form which would make him a human being.


(Hayawaniyyah). Creation is a hierarchy. Each entity has its own level which indicates its position within that hierarchy. The animals occupy their own level and in so doing they fulfil and complete all the requirements demanded by that level of ma...

Aniti Christ

(Dajjal). The ultimate manifestation of disbelief and covering-up of the Truth. This may be in the form of an individual, a social regime or an unseen power. The dajjal, who is the antithesis of the Prophet Jesus, will appear at the end of a cycle.


(Fani). Transcended and passed away. This is the condition of the one who is annihilated.


(Fana'). Self-annihilation or self-effacement or dissolution or passing away from self. Through being joined to Allah, the Real; man is annihilated from himself - the 'limited existence' of the traveller is ov...

Annihilation in Allah
fana' fillah

(Fana Fillah). Annihilation in Allah. This is the final stage on the Journey of Return to Allah. The being of the lover is annihilated and absorbed into the Being of the Beloved. From here onwards there is endless travelling with the Infinite unfoldi...