The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Munasaba) is the mutual attraction, affection and love which exists between Allah and His lover. Of necessity this affinity must be reflected in the sacred relationship between the Murshid and his murid. Without a strong affinity, the progress on t...


(Ithbat). Affirmation or confirmation of the slave's existence after his effacement in the Oneness of Allah. Ithbat may also indicate an affirmation after a negation, the supreme example of which is "There is no god other than Allah". Ithbat may indi...


(Bala). The friends of Allah are visited by many sicknesses and tribulations. Affliction refers to bodily illnesses and diverse troubles. It is Allah's favour to His friends. They love only Allah and see only Allah, so whatever comes from Allah is go...


(Fai'l). The agent or actor. Allah, The Truth, never ceases being the Agent of existence in the possible things. All the engendered things are His covering, while He is the One Who Acts from behind this covering. 'So jealous is Allah all others are d...

Agitation of the heart

(Inzi'aj). The agitation of the heart while in the state of ecstasy (wajd). This agitation is caused by the The Reprover, the admonisher of the truth, who is within the slave's heart.


This is the celestial name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). Ahmad is 'the most praiseworthy of those who praise Allah'. His praise, which is none other than The Qur'an, is the complete and most eleva...


(Hawa). The word hawa' was used by the Holy Prophet Muhammad when he described the 'place' where Allah was before He created the creations. 'He came to be in a cloud, neither above which or below which was any air'. Here is an indication that this Cl...

Al Mash’aar al Haram
Al Mash’aar al Haram

The satisfying of the desires of the people of nearness.


(Intibah). The departure of heedlessness from the heart. This occurs when Allah admonishes His slave. Such an admonition fills the heart with awe and in so doing the heart turns, with an utter turning, towards Allah.


(Yaqzah). Awake and alert and aware. After having woken from the sleep of heedlessness and neglect, the slave must be in a state of constant alertness. He must be always prepared to receive whatever Allah Wills to send to him, whether it be His stern...


Tawajjuh - see 'Turn the face towards'.


(Kull). All, everything, the totality. It is that which is universal. The Mercy of Allah perpetually covers everything. And over everything Allah has power. And Allah has Knowledge of everything. Allah is One in His Essence and He is everything throu...

All Comprehensive Name
al-ism al-jami'

(Al Ism al Jami'). 'Allah' is the All Comprehensive Name because it gathers into itself all of the Divine Names.

All comprehensive words
jawami' al-kalim

(Jawami' al Kalim). Because The Qur'an contains all of the knowledges it is true to say that the Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) was given the all-comprehensive words. He said, "I was sent with the all-comprehen...

All Concealing, The

(Al Ghaffar). The All-Concealing. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.