The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Thabit). Established or immutably fixed. The archetypes are the immutably fixed entities within Allah's Knowledge.

Two weighty ones

(Thaqalan). These are the jinn and mankind, for whom the Scales were established, in order that they may not exceed the balance. "And He has set up the Balance (of Justice) in order that you may not transgress (due) balance" ( 55:7-8). 'The two weig...


(Thubut). Latency or immutability. When the eye of the heart is opened it sees all things, eternal and temporal, actual and potential, as they really are in their state of latency (thubut).

al-tul wa'l-'ard
Length and breadth

(Tul wal 'ard). The Journey of Return to Allah is a Journey of bewilderment. Through the Infinite Grace of Allah the traveller becomes a lover, a knower and a slave of Allah. The veils which separate him from his Lord are lifted and the scales fall f...

Al Tayyib
One who makes things good and pleasant, The

(Al Tayyib). One of the beautiful Names of Allah

Al Taalib
Seeker, The

(Al Taalib). The Seeker. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Al Taahir
Immaculately Pure, The

(Al Taahir). The Immaculately Pure.

Al Tahour
Purifier, The

(Al Tahour). One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Thul Tul
One who patiently grants respite, The

(Thul Tul). One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Al Thaabit
Stabiliser, The

(Al Thaabit). One of the beautiful Names of Allah.


(Taqsir). One of the rituals of the Piglrimage, shaving of the head or cutting of the hair is an indication to cleansing the mind of negative thoughts and a reminder not to seek leadership in the human domain (by ‘getting ahead’). Like washing of th...

Tawaaf al Widaa’
Farewell Circumambulation

(Tawaaf al Widaa’).

Al Thahir
Outward, The

(Al Thahir). The Principle insofar as It manifests Itself through and in the World; from this derives the perspective of analogy. Mystery of universal Manifestation; of Symbolism.


Tanzih -see 'Incomparability'.


Tanzih -see 'Incomparability'.