The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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ta'rif ilahi
Divine bestowal of knowledge

(Ta'rif ilahi). Man is born into ignorance. He does not know why he has been born, what is the purpose of existence, whether his end will be felicitous or wretched. Man is utterly ignorant of Allah's Knowledge of him. Through a Divine bestowal of kn...

Path or Way

(Tariqa) is the narrow and steep Spiritual Path to Reality. The qualified seeker can travel this Path only under the direction of a qualified Spiritual Guide. The name Tariqa is specific to the Islamic Spiritual Path.


(Tarjuman). As the lover ascends towards Allah he may be blessed with profoundly beautiful and awesome spiritual experiences and visions, tastings and unveilings. To give verbal expression to these Graces from Allah, and to interpret the mysteries w...

tark al muraqabah
Abandoning of examination

(Tark al Muraqabah). The knowers of Allah have abandoned examination because they know that 'Nothing is like Unto Him' and no knowledge of Allah provides any positive quality. Examination and concentration (muraqabah) form a decisive part of the st...

tark at-tark
Abandon abandoning

(Tark at tark). To 'abandon abandoning' or to 'quit quitting'. This is to utterly surrender by forgetting poverty, surrender and quitting.

Free disposal

(Tasarruf). Free disposal or dispensing. The Perfect Man governs the affairs of the world and controls them by means of the Divine Names. He exercises free disposal throughout the world. This free disposal (tasarruf) is the knower's power of bringin...

Higher teaching

(Tasawwuf). Also known as the science of the self, tasawwuf is based upon the Teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). It is known in the West as Sufism or Islamic mysticism. Tasawwuf is the acquisi...


(Tasawwur). Conceptualization or 'giving form to'. The practice of tasawwur is integral to the Spiritual Path of the higher teaching. The spiritual endeavours of the murid may be permeated with a powerful spiritual energy through the practising of ta...


(Tasbih) is to glorify Allah by declaring His Incomparability (tanzih). Allah cannot be glorified through a positive quality because 'Nothing is like unto Him'. Tasbih is closely connected to tanzih. The Qur'an says, "Glory be to Allah (He is) above ...

Similar to

(Tashabbuh). Becoming similar to. Through assuming [the Divine Character Traits], the slave becomes similar to the one who possesses these traits innately, at the very root of his creation. This is the Holy Prophet Muhammad himself (May the Salutatio...

al-tashabbuh bi'l-ilah
Similarity to Allah

(Tashabbuh billah). Gaining similarity to Allah. This is synonymous with assuming [the Divine Character Traits].


(Tashbih) is to declare that a certain similarity can be found between Allah and His creation. This tashbih is through Allah as Possessor of the Names. The isthmus is the ontological locus of tashbih. The word tashbih derives from shabbaha which mean...


(Tashri'). This is a function specific to the Prophets of Allah (Peace be upon all of them).

Surrender - Pure and total

(Taslim) is pure, total and unconditional surrender to Allah in each moment and under every condition. When it is known, through unveiling, that each moment is Allah, the knower prostrates before the One and Only (al Ahad), the King (al Malik), the M...

Supreme Fountain

(Tasnim). The Supreme Fountain in Paradise from which flows the Pure Wine sealed with musk. Those who are brought near drink from Tasnim. Tasnim is the place of sobriety after intoxication, abiding after annihilation, Divine Knowledge after Divine Lo...