The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Talaqqi). The courtesy of the Spiritual Journey is for the slave to climb towards Allah and for Allah to receive (talaqqi) him.

Seeker on the Path

(Talib). A seeker on the Spiritual Path. He is also called mutasawwif. He is the one who strives, through self-mortification, to reach the level of the Sufis. He is not a Sufi.

talib al-akhira
Seeker of the hereafter

(Talib al akhira). He who seeks the next world. The one who seeks the next world must turn to the Sacred Law and follow the guidance of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). The Straight Path of Islam will t...

talib Allah
Seeker of Allah

(Talib Allah). He who seeks Allah. The one who knows seeks nothing but Allah. His love, his yearning, his worship, his life, his death are purely, totally and unconditionally for Allah Almighty. He is the slave of Allah.

talib ad-dunya
Seeker of this world

(Talib ad dunya). He who seeks this world. This is the seeker of earthly pleasures and delights. Such a one has no awareness of his inherent need for guidance. He is a follower of his own whims and fancies. He is under the control of the misguider, S...

talib al-maula
Seeker of the Lord

(Talib al Maula). He who seeks the Lord. The Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) is the Lord of the people who love him and follow him. The one who seeks Maulana Muhammad al Mustapha knows that he ma...


(Talwin). Variegation or transformation. Talwin indicates the condition of the slave when shifting from state to state. This is the most perfect of stations in which there is no stopping and no resting. The Verifiers attain to the station of 'stabili...


(Tama'). As long as self-interest exists there can be no sincerity. Worship through tama' is performed with the expectation of reward. Worship inspired by sincerity is service to Allah.


(Tamam) is the condition of an entity whose creation is lacking in nothing. An entity can have this completion without having perfection. However, perfection implies completion.


(Tamaththul). To become imaginalized or to appear in the image of. This refers to events such as when the Archangel Jibreel (Peace be upon him) became imaginalized as a man without fault to the Virgin Mary (Peace be upon her). The Holy Prophet Muhamm...


(Tamkin). Stability or fixity. The station of stability (tamkin) is opposite the station of variegation (talwin). Some consider the station of stability to be superior to variegation, however, the Verifiers and Perfect Knowers of Allah are not limite...

al-tamkin fi'l-talwin
Stability in variegation

(Tamkin fil talwin). The state of Perfection is that of stability in variegation which is the state of the Perfected Ones, those who have arrived.


(Tanaffus). This refers specifically to the Divine Breathing, which is synonymous with the Word of Command "Be!" ("Kun!"). Allah's 'breathing out' is His 'sending out' what was in His Interior to the Exterior by means of the Word "Be!". Allah Himsel...

tanazzul (tanzil)
Descent of Being

(Tanazzul/tanzil). The Descent of Being by means of the Divine Revelation. This is the descent of the Absolute from Total Inwardness, through the various degrees, to Outward Manifestation. The beautiful Hadith Qudsi says, "I was a Hidden Treasure and...


(Tanfis). To air or to comfort or to cheer up or to relieve or to remove sorrow. And all of this comes to be through the Breathing of Allah.