The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Takalluf). To be burdened or to take trouble. There is no heavier burden or greater trouble than one's own self, because the man who is occupied with his own self is far away from Allah.

Come into being

(Takawwun). To come to be, which results from the Divine Command "Be!" (Kun!). This means that a thing acquires the property of being a locus of manifestation for Allah. This coming to be (takawwun) is an act of the thing not an act of Allah, because...


(Takhalli). Withdrawal or retreat or seclusion. Through desiring nearness to Allah, the slave must seclude himself by withdrawing from everything that distracts him from Allah.


(Takhallul). Intimate penetration and permeation and assimilation of the Divine Attributes into the slave. It is this takhallul which gives the lover no rest for his limbs and no sleep for his eyes. Every atom of his being has been activated to Life ...

Assuming the Divine character traits

(Takhalluq). Assuming the (Divine) character traits. The alchemical activity of the spiritual work given to the murid by his Murshid, is the transformation of the base character traits into the Noble Character Traits. When considering the three dist...

al-takhalluq bi akhlaq Allah
Assuming the character traits of Allah

(Takhalluq bi akhlaq Allah). This is synonymous with assuming the traits of Allah's Names.

al-takhalluq bi asma' Allah
Assuming the traits of Allah's Names

(Takhalluq bi Asma Allah). This is synonymous with assuming the character traits of Allah.

al-takhalluq bi'l-asma' a'-ilahiyya
Assuming the traits of the Divine Names

(Takhalluq bil Asma Ilahiyya).


(Takhlil). Soaked or wetting, through and through. This term refers to the knower who has been thoroughly drenched with the Love of Allah. This is a quality of the Station of Intimate Friendship.


(Takhliyah). Before the purification of the heart and the secret are achieved there must be an emptiness (takhliyah). Such an emptiness is attained ultimately through the Grace of Allah but also through the sincere observance of the spiritual work. ...

Be (bringing to being)

(Takwin). Bringing to be or making manifest or coming into existence. This is an Attribute of Allah which becomes manifest within His friends. However, if they are among the Great Men, their courtesy towards Allah will prevent them from exercising th...


(Talab). To enquire or to ask or to demand. The states of the entities demand (talab) the Divine Names. And the Divine Names demand relationships because the Divine Names are what makes the cosmos manifest. The new traveller on the Spiritual Path is ...


(Taladhdhudh). To take pleasure in. Sometimes it is part of Allah's deception to His slave when He permits him to take pleasure in a particular state. In looking upon the state as something arising from his own self the slave displays discourtesy tow...

Receiving knowledge

(Talaqqa). Receiving the knowledge which descends upon the slave from Allah. Such a receiving is not a taking. The hands of the slave are upturned and opened in readiness to receive whatever Allah Wills to send. The hands should never reach forward i...


(Talbis). A quality of deception. The talbis where the appearance of a thing is contrary to its reality is a deception which cannot belong to anyone except Allah. The traveller is duped (talbis) when he becomes tempted, by shaytan or by his own self,...