The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Tahalli) is to become adorned with the Divine Attributes. However, the most complete and the purest adornment is to be adorned with the attributes of slavehood. Slavehood is that total and complete servitude which contains not the slighest hint of L...


(Tahaqquq). This is a characteristic of the Verifiers. When considering the three stages of self-annihilation this realization (tahaqquq) occupies the second stage. It is here that the mystic has his essence annihilated and then realizes in himself ...


(Tahawwul). Self-transmutation, or to change from one situation to another. Allah is constantly transmuting Himself within His Self-disclosures. The root of this tahawwul is the diversity of the Divine Names. It is only the knower of Allah who sees A...


(Tahqiq). The perfect knowers of Allah, who are the Verifiers and the People of Blame, have verified the knowledge which they have received through following the authority (taqlid) of the Sacred Law. Therefore tahqiq completes and perfects taqlid.

tahsin ash-Sharif
Noble Protection

(Tahsin as Sharif). The Noble Fortification or Stronghold. This Noble Fortification has a strong Foundation, upon which is built an Impenetrable Fortress to which there is a Door and a Key. Within this Noble Fortification the slave of Allah is Eterna...


(Taj). The Crown is worn by the King and the King is Sayyiduna Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).


(Tajalli) means Allah's unveiling of Himself to His creatures. The Divine Self-disclosures are never repeated and they are never ending. They are the lights of the Unseen which are unveiled to hearts. They are the signs which Allah has placed within ...

tajalli ghayb
Self-disclosure in the Unseen

(Tajalli ghayb). This is the Self-disclosure of the Essence within Itself. Here is 'where' the Absolute reveals Itself to Itself. This is the First Appearance of the Self-consciousness of the Absolute. This Self-disclosure of the Absolute is also cal...

tajalli shahadah
Self-disclosure in the visible

(Tajalli shahadah). This refers to the phenomenon of the permanent archetypes coming out of the stage of potentiality into the outward, visible realm. This is the actualization of the archetypes in concrete forms. Tajalli shahadah is also called The ...


(Tajassud). Embodiment or corporealization. Within the realm of Imagination the friends of Allah see in their visions the embodiment of an angel, a Prophet or even Allah Himself. The cosmos itself consists of non-existent meanings which are embodied ...

tajassud al-awrah
Embodiment of the spirits

(Tajassud al arwah). Embodiment or Corporealization of the spirits which takes place within the imaginal realm.

tajdid al-khalq fi'l-anat
Renewal of creation at each instant

(Tajdid al khalq fil anat). This is an incessant outpouring of Being into the manifest realm. The one with the preparedness to receive this perpetual irradiation of the Essence, realizing the ceaseless revelation and constant renewal within himself,...

tajdid al-khalq bil'-anfas
Renewal of creation at each breath

(Tajdid al khalq bil anfas). Through the Mercy of the Breath of the All Merciful a super abundance of Being overflows into the cosmos.


(Tajrid). Detachment and complete disengagement from everything other-than-Allah, within the heart and within the secret.


(Takabbur). Arrogance or pride.