The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Tabi'a). This is one of the names by which the Supreme Isthmus is known. Nature is called the highest and greatest mother because she is the one who gives birth to all things while remaining herself unseen. Through her receptivity all of the existe...

al-tabi'at al-kull

(Tabi'at al kull). The Universal Nature which is the Supreme Isthmus. It is synonymous with the Breath of the All Merciful. It is the forever invisible material which allows everything below the world of spirits to become manifest. Nature is the high...

al-tabib al-ilahi
Divine Physician

(Al Tabib al Ilahi). The divine physician. Al tabib al ilahi is one of the Sufi Masters, an Inheritor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Through possessing insight into his murids' spiritual conditions he is able to dispense the correct medicine, in the c...


(Ta'bir). Interpretation or crossing over. An example of such crossing over is that of the intepreter of a dream who crosses over from the sensory form of the dream to the hidden meaning. The interpreter (mu'abbir) then gives expression to the inwar...

Coming down

(Tadalli). This is the descent of Allah to a mutual waystation. Allah's slave, having attained that same waystation through coming close (tadani), now has vision of Allah.

Coming close

(Tadani). This is the ascension of those who are brought closest to Allah.


(Tadbir). Governing or arranging. The spirit governs the body in two ways. Firstly in a manner which is intrinsic and of its very essence, and secondly in a manner which must be acquired through spiritual maturity and conscious effort. The spirit gov...

tadyi' al-waqt
Waste of time

(Tadyi' al waqt). Allah created the creation purely to enable man to know Allah. Therefore, the pursuit of a knowledge of what is 'other-than-Allah' is a waste of time.


(Tafadul). Ranking in degrees of excellence or hierarchy. The cosmos (or existence) is a ranking in degrees of excellence (or hierarchical order) in every quality and attribute. No two things are alike. It is in the degree of his Knowledge of Allah t...


(Tafakkur). To reflect or meditate upon things. The root of all engendered things is the Most Beautiful Names of Allah. Therefore tafakkur is connected to them, not to the Essence.


(Tafrid). Isolation or inward solitude. Tafrid is the slave's detaching himself from everything except the Truth which is within him.


(Tafriqa). Separation or dispersion. Tafriqa is a state when the mystic becomes conscious of himself as an individual and returns to himself after the ecstasy of intoxication with the Beloved. The highest degree of knowing Allah is the combining of g...

Differentiated mode

(Tafsil). Differentiated mode. The Divine Attributes manifest themselves in a boundlessly differentiated mode within the cosmos. The root of the cosmos is Allah, and the cosmos itself is the manifestation of the Divine Names. All that we actually see...


(Taghadhdhi) is that which is provided by food and spreads its benefits throughout the entire body. The engendered things take their nourishment from the Divinity, upon Whom they depend for their existence and the Divinity takes Its nourishment from ...

Governing control

(Tahakkum). This is an attribute of the friends of Allah. It designates an inward spiritual and mental activity that may bring extraordinary events into existence.