The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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sahib al-hal
Possessor of a spiritual state

(Sahib al Hal). The possessor of a spiritual state. He is the one who is able to perform miracles through the intensity of his spiritual resolve.

Possessor of Gatheredness

(Sahib ul Jam'). The one in gatheredness.

Possessor of Unveiling

(Sahib al Kashf). The possessor of unveiling.

sahib al-martaba
Possessor of the Level

(Sahib al Martaba). The Owner of the Level. Allah, as the Essence, is the Owner of every Level in existence. The entity 'occupies' the level, but Allah 'Owns' the level.

sahib al-nafas
Possessor of the Breath

(Sahib al Nafas). The one who finds Allah in his ecstasy is called sahib al nafas. Each breath of every engendered thing possesses a unique preparedness which is not possessed by any other breath, ever! The ecstasy of the sahib al nafas takes place ...

sahib al-nazar
Possessor of Consideration

(Sahib al Nadhar). The possessor of consideration. Consideration (al nadhar) is important in the search for knowledge, but due to the fact that it can mislead its possessor, it should not always be depended upon. The one who constantly depends upon h...

sahib shar'
Master of the Sacred Law

(Sahib Shar'). The man of the Sacred Law. Such a man is a Prophet of Allah.

sahib sirr
Possessor of the Secret

(Sahib al sirr). Such a man is the friend of Allah who has torn through the veils and has found that secret which cannot be revealed. 'If the reality of the Sufi was to be unveiled he would be worshipped'.

sahib tab'
Possessor of lower nature

(Sahib tab'). The 'natural' man. The sahib tab' is the man of nature who is unable to apprehend the reality of Unity because of his attachment to his own nature.


(Sahih). Within the higher teaching many Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) are considered to be sound or authentic on the basis of unveiling rather than on the basis of transmission.


(Sahq) is the pulverizing of one's composition while under the overwhelming impact of the Divine Power and Majesty.


(Sahw) is returning to oneself after having been absent from oneself while intoxicated with the Divine Beloved. The one in the state of sahw is considered to be of greater spiritual maturity than the one in the state of intoxication. The Supreme F...

sahw al-jam'
Sobriety of gatheredness

(Sahw al Jam'). The sobriety of gatheredness, when the mystic returns from Pure Oneness to slavehood and servitude.


(Sa'id). The one who is felicitous and blessed through obedience and devotion to Allah. The specific marks of the works which lead the felicitous one to felicity are that they are performed in a state of presence with Allah.

sajda (sujud)

(Sajda pl. Sujud). The sajda, which is the culminating position in the ritual prayer, is the supreme symbol of humility, surrender and unconditional love of Allah. The slave and worshipper is annihilated in the One. When the heart prostrates, it neve...