The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Sa'ada) is nearness to Allah and the Infinite Expanse of His Mercy. The attainment of ultimate felicity awaits the believer in the Garden, yet he may experience a relative felicity, in this life, when he is engaged in prayer or the Remembrance of A...


(Sa'iq). The sudden thunderclap of annihilation of the self when the Divine Lordship becomes manifest.

Secondary Cause

(Sabab). Every existent thing is a secondary cause through which man may come to know Allah and even though the sabab is like a veil over reality, nevertheless, without it we would have no means of access to Knowledge of Allah.


(Sabil). The way or path or road. Man is free to choose his own path of Return to his Origin. He may travel the wretched path of misguidance under the misguidance of Satan or he may travel the felicitous Path, the Straight Way, under the Guidance of ...


(Sabkah) is synonymous with the term 'The Dust'. This is the fine dust into which the mountains shall be crushed and into which the misdeeds of the unbelievers will be transformed on the Day of Judgement.


(Sabr). Perfect patience is to surrender unconditionally, to the Will of Allah, accepting whatever becomes manifest in each indivisible moment. Sabr is a supreme virtue because it requires total and knowing surrender. The man who combines patience (s...


(Sadana). Within the hierarchy of existence that which occupies a high level is guarded and protected by that which is at the level beneath it. Some of the Divine Names act as gatekeepers to other Names which are above them in degree. For example, Th...


(Sadaqa). A gift which is given purely in the Way of Allah. Such a gift is free from any taint of expected reward or thanks. The greatest gift which a man can give is his own existence through total and unconditional love and surrender to Allah.


(Sadr) is a term indicating the chest or breast which has been expanded and opened to accept and embrace Islam. In contrast however, the surrender to Real Islam takes place within every atom of the Muslim.


(Safa). The higher teaching is Purity. The word Sufi derives from safa. The Sufi is the slave of Allah whose self, heart, spirit and secret have been purified, through the Remembrance of Allah, through sincere spiritual endeavour and ultimately by Al...

Spiritual Journey

(Safar). This is the Journey from the multiplicity of the periphery to the Unity at the Centre. The safar commences when the heart is turned towards Allah through His Remembrance. Safar is the Spiritual Journey through the various stations, from the ...


(Safi). The heart that is purified by love of Allah is called safi.

safsaf al-akhlaq
Base Character Traits

(Safsaf al Akhlaq). These are the ugly vices within man which prevent him from being with his Lord. It is through the spiritual alchemy of the Remembrance of Allah that the base character traits may be transformed into noble ones.


(Sahib). The master or the possessor or the man. The Supreme Sahib is the Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). His devoted followers and slaves often refer to him as 'Sahib Laulaka', and to themselve...

Possessor of the Heart

(Sahib Qalb). He is the one who has purified his own heart and therefore is its gatekeeper and master.