The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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ruju' idtirari
Compulsory Return

(Ruju' Idtirari). Every created thing must return to Allah by the same invisible route. This is utterly unavoidable. "Oh you, man! Truly you are ever toiling on towards your Lord - painfully toiling - but you shall meet Him" (The Qur'an 84:6).

ruju' ikhtiyari
Voluntary Return

(Ruju' ikhtiyari). Man has been given the gift of choosing his own route of Return. By following the Divine Law he can go back to the Face of Mercy. By following his own whims and fancies he can go back to the Face of Wrath.


(Ruku'). The bowing posture of the ritual prayer. The ruku' is the outward bodily symbol of an inner reality. It symbolizes both the traveller's arrival at 'The Self that Blames' and also the second rung (faith) on the ladder towards Knowledge.

Deeply Rooted

(Rusukh). A station is every attribute which has become deeply rooted (rusukh) within the wayfarer and therefore cannot be left behind. These include the attributes such as repentance, patience, trust, etc. This 'deep rootedness' of the noble charac...


(Ru'una). Frivolity or attachment to this world. Love of the material world, and attachment (ru'una) to it, form great barriers on the Journey of Return to Allah. Both indicate a certain contentment and satisfaction with that which is 'other-than-All...

al-ru'unat al-nafsiyya
Frivolities of the ego

(Ru'unat al Nafsiyya). It is said that the murids of a Murshid who is a Malamatiyya undergo constant fluctuations within the stations of Manliness, whereas all other murids undergo constant fluctuations within the frivolities of the ego (al Ru'unat a...


(Ru'ya). Vision or sight with the physical eye. For the knower his vision (ru'ya) and his witnessing are the same.

Dream vision

(Ru'yah) It is within a dream vision that much of the Sufi Teaching may be transmitted, from a higher realm, to the dreamer. Within a dream vision meanings become clothed in forms. The knower is the one who knows what Allah means by the observed imag...

al-ru'yah al-sadiqa (al-ru'yah al-sahiha)
Dream - 'Sound' or 'True'

(Ru'yah al sadiqa [al Ru'yah al Sahiha]). The sound or true dream. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) said, 'Nothing remains of prophecy but heralding visions'. These 'heralding visions' are sound dreams (...


Raqiqa - see 'Intangible'.

Compassionate Beatitude

Rahmaniyyah - see Mercy-Blessed.


Rizq - see 'Sustenance'.


Ru'una - see 'Frivolity' and 'Frivolities of the ego'.


Ru'yah - see 'Dream-vision'.


(Rida'). To appear clothed with the attributes of the Real.