The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Rajul). Who are the Men? Who is the Real Man? Those who are upright with Allah by fulfilling their promise. Men have been truthful for that which they promised to Allah. He is the great friend of Allah. The rajul is the one who is never satisfied...


(Rajuliyya). This is the perfection possessed by a real Man.

Those who bow

(Rak'iun). The raki'un are the friends of Allah who never consider the cosmos in respect of its entity but only as a place of manifestation of Allah, the Real. They are humbled before Allah's Magnificence and Inaccessibility.


(Raqiqa). Thin or delicate or flimsy or intangible. The term raqiqa is employed to describe the subtle forms or relationships of the different levels of existence; e.g. the single intangible (raqiqa) reality which separates Perfect Man from man is th...


(Raqs) is the rhythmic motion or whirling which may occur under the powerful influence of the spiritual concert. It is an outward sign which comes from submersion in the Remembrance of Allah.

al-rasikhun fi'l-'ilm
Those deeply rooted in knowledge

(Ar Rasikhun fil 'ilm). These are the divine sages who possess correct knowledge of themselves and their Lord and Master, Allah. When their Master, Allah Commands them to do something they occupy themselves totally until the task is achieved. On com...


(Rasul). A Messenger (of Allah). The rasul is the one sent by Allah. Allah is the Principle and the rasul is a radiation from Allah. The Way back to Allah, the Principle is via His Messenger (rasul), the radiation.

Messenger of Allah

(Rasulllah). The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). Through the radiant light of the Messenger, Allah sends to mankind the message of His Own Pure Light. "Allah took a handful of His Light a...


(Rayn) is the film which covers the heart like a veil and prevents the Light of Knowledge from entering. This rust can only be removed by faith. Then there is the rust (rayn) which veils the inner eye of the heart. This rust can only be removed throu...


(Ri). In the triad of terms connected to direct experience 'quenching' (ri) occupies the third place. The first is 'tasting' and the second is 'drinking'. Every station has its state of 'quenching' (ri), but for the people of 'no station' there is n...


(Rida'). Contentment and satisfaction and sincere acceptance of the Divine decree. In this station the lover is always content with what is done by the Beloved. However, the true man is only ever satisfied and content with Allah Himself. The one who ...

Good Pleasure

(Ridhwan). Allah's Good Pleasure is His acceptance of His slave. Ridwan is even greater than Paradise. The slave has arrived at his 'Well-Pleasing Self' which is the stage just prior to his being assimilated into the Essence Itself.


(Rijal). The True Men. The great friends of Allah. The rijal are 'the great ones'.

Men of the Unseen

(Rijal ul Ghayb). Men of the Unseen World. These are the exalted saints who are ruled by al Khidr (Peace be upon him).


(Risala). The risala is the Divine Mission of promulgating a new Sacred Law for which a Messenger (rasul) is sent to his people. Messagehood terminated with the Holy Prophet Muhammad who is the Seal of the Messengers, May the Salutations of Allah be...