The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Lord, The

(Al Rabb). The Lord. Allah is the Lord of all existent things and all things are His vassals). The Lord of any vassal is the Face of Allah turned towards it. Each thing's Lord is the specific Self-disclosure which Allah gives to it, and all of this d...

rabb al-arbab
Lord of all lords

(Rabb al Arbab). Each thing has its own lord. Those who are misguided are approved of by their own lord but condemned by Allah, Who is Lord of all lords. Each thing's lord is the particular Face that Allah has turned towards it. The majority of mank...


(Rabbani). The man who stands for, and upholds justice, that is, the man who stands for Truth, is called 'haqqani'. Such a man is then transformed in a manner through which he is blessed with Divine Attributes. He becomes 'rabbani' (lordly). The div...


(Rabbaniyya). In the perfection of manliness there is a hint of lordliness, but in the essential perfection of slavehood there is no lordliness whatsoever.

Rabbi zidni 'ilma
My Lord, increase me in knowledge

(Rabbi zidni 'ilma). (The Qur'an 20:114). Allah told His Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) to supplicate for an increase in knowledge. The Prophet did not ask for increase in anything except knowledge. The kno...


(Rabit). An interconnection or an essential binding or the establishment of a tie. The cosmos is firmly rooted through its connection and tie with Allah.

rafi' al-darajat
Uplifter of Degrees

(Rafi' al Darajat). Through being the Uplifter of Degrees, Allah arranges everything in perfect accordance with the requirements demanded by each thing's level in the hierarchy of existence. Therefore, the Divine root of the cosmic levels is the Name...

Green cushion

(Rafraf). A green cloth (or cushion) of intense light which descended to the Holy Prophet Muhammad on his Ascension. Upon this rafraf he was pulled up for the last stage of the ascent to the Divine Throne in the Divine Presence. May the Salutations o...


(Raghbah). This is the longing of the lover's secret for the Beloved. "And when you are free, still labour hard and to thy Lord turn (all) thy attention" (The Qur'an 94:7-8).


(Raha). Ease or repose or relaxation or rest. It is Mercy which brings the entities from the distress of non-existence into the ease (raha) of existence. This situation is somewhat reversed for the knower and lover of Allah who has been annihilated i...


(Rahbah) is the immediate terror of the threat of punishment being realized. It is also the hidden terror of unstable and valueless knowledge and the secret terror that what was known before will become a certainty.


(Ar Rahim). The All-Compassionate. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah. Allah bestowed this Beautiful Name of His upon His Beloved Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).


(Rahma). Mercy and compassion. There are two kinds of mercy. The first is an essential mercy or the mercy of free-gift which Allah bestows upon all creatures without distinction. The second is a specific mercy or the mercy of obligation which Allah g...

All Merciful, The

(Ar Rahman). The All Merciful. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah. The Clement. The Principle insofar as it is in its nature to wish to communicate its Goodness, it Beauty, its Beatitude; insofar as It is the Sovereign Good ‘before’ the creation of...


(Raja') is the anticipation of Allah's Mercy (which actually surrounds us constantly, but is rarely perceived). During estrangement and separation, the lover is stretched to the extremity in his hope that the Beloved will either 'arrive' or 'speak' ...