The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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qaba qausayn
Two Bows Length

(Qaba Qawsayn). This term is also called 'Union of Union', or 'The Gathering of the Gathering'. It signifies one of the highest spiritual stations of Perfection which is attained by the greatest Perfect Men, that is, many of the Prophets of Allah an...


(Qabd) is the spiritual state of contraction in which the heart is firmly gripped and compressed by Allah, through terror of punishment and blame. It is an intense fear in, and the sharpest experience of, the present moment. Whenever contraction (qab...

Contractor, The

(Al Qabid). He Who Contracts. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Qabil). Each entity is a receptacle to receive and manifest Being. The extent of this receiving and manifesting depends upon the preparedness of the receptacle, which in turn depends upon the entity's reality.


(Qabiliyya). This indicates the receptivity of an entity to receive.


(Qabul). To receive or to accept (the Self-disclosures of the Real). Such a 'receiving' is not a 'taking'. The spiritual courtesy of this situation demands an extremely high degree of respect, sensitivity, humility and gratitude from the slave. The ...


(Qada'). The decree or predetermination. Qada' is the universal decree of Allah concerning the entities of the existents as the entities are in themselves before their existence. It is His decree concerning the states that will occur for them from Et...

qadam rasul
Footprint of the Messenger

(Qadam ar Rasul). The Qadam Rasul, a sacred relic, is the impression or trace left on a rock by the footprint of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). Not only does an immense spiritual energy, or baraka, ema...


(Qadar). Destiny or Fate or the measure allotted to each entity. Qadar is the particularized deployment of the universal decree through the bestowal of existence upon the entities in accordance with the times and situations required by their individu...

All Powerful, The

(Al Qadir). The All Powerful. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Qadir). This is the measure of predestined power inherent in a thing.

qad jaffa'l-qalam
The Pen has dried

(Qad jaffa al Qalam). In other words, the Divine decree cannot be changed. This expression is somewhat similar to the phrase 'As Allah has Willed' (Masha' Allah) and 'It is written' (kana maktub).


This term refers to Mount Qaf, the mythical, cosmic mountain at the end of the created world where man may experience nearness on his Journey to Allah.

Dominant, The

(Al Qahhar). The Dominant, Overwhelming.

Overpowers-The One who

(Al Qaahir) is connected to the Name al Qahhar (The Dominant, the Overwhelming). The one who overpowers of necessity requires the one who is overpowered (maqhur).