The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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nubuwwa al 'ammah

(Nubuwwa al 'ammah) is the type of prophecy possessed by the Great Sufis.

nubuwwatu'l ikhtisas

(Nubuwwat ul ikhtisas). It is the specific prophecy that is possessed by each one of the Prophets of Allah.

nubuwwa al muktasabah

(Nubuwwat al Muktasabah). Earned or acquired prophecy. This type of acquired prophecy is the prophecy possessed by the Great Sufis.

Prophecy of Institution

(Nubuwwat al Tashri'). This term applies to the mission of those specific Prophets, such as the Prophet Musa (Peace be upon him) and the Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace), who were sent to promulg...

Prophecy of Sainthood

(Nubuwwat ul Wilaya). When the blowing in of inspiration enters the purified heart of one of the friends of Allah, bringing with it good news, this is referred to as nubuwwatu'l-wilaya.

Power of penetration

(Nufudh). The power of penetration exercised by the possessors of states, through which they are able to perform the miraculous 'breaking of habits'.


(Nuh). The Prophet Noah (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Wisdom of the All-Glorified.


(Nujaba). Within the Sufi hierarchy these are the Forty Nobles who are occupied with carrying the weight of Creation. They are not free to act except on behalf of the 'other-than-Allah'.


The Arabic letter 'Nun'. Sura 68 begins, "Nun and the Pen", ("Nun wal qalam"). Nun is symbolized by the Inkwell. It is the knowledge of the Universal design without details. The Pen is dipped into the Inkwell. The Pen is the detailed knowledge of eve...


(Nuqaba). Within the Sufi hierarchy the Examiners are those who draw the hidden things out of people's selves.

Light, The

(Al Nur). The Light. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Nur) is the created light which radiates from the Uncreated Light of Allah. When this light enters the heart it drives away the existent order thereby annihilating the inner eye from witnessing 'other-than-Allah'. For unveiling to take place the Lig...


(Nurani). Within the cosmos, which is the realm of opposites, that which is luminous (nurani) stands in opposition to that which is dark (thulmani). All is relative, and while the angels are luminous when compared with corporeal things they are in fa...

nur Muhammadiyya
Light of Muhammad

(Nur Muhammadiyya). "Allah took a handful of His Light and said 'Be! Muhammad'". From this pre-existent Light of Muhammad (nur Muhammadiyya) all of the spheres were created. It is the Light of Muhammad that enables the traveller to advance towards t...

Rational Speech

(Nutq) is a distinguishing feature of humans who are 'rational speaking animals'. In reality the entire cosmos is speaking and glorifying its Lord, yet, only Perfect Man understands this praising.