The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Naadhir). The naadhir is the one who does the looking. The true observer is he who looks only at Allah. Every observer of Allah is under the controlling property of one of the Divine Names. Through that particular Name the observer experiences a spe...

Considerative Thinkers

(Naadhirun). The naadhirun are those people whose knowledge is inferior to the direct knowledge possessed by the people of unveiling.


(Nida'). Allah calls mankind to felicity. The different Names call the creatures. Man calls to his Lord in supplication and need.


(Nifaq). While in Union it becomes hypocrisy for the slave to affirm the 'other-than-Allah'.


(Nikah). The 'Divine Marriage' is the one in which Allah, the Real, turns His Attentiveness towards the possible thing and brings it into existence. The ecstatic may utter phrases concerning his marriage to the Beloved, with the bliss of union and sa...


(Nisab). The cosmos, which is plurality, consists of relations. Allah has placed the Divine Names between Himself and the cosmos, and from this connection relationships are formed. Examples of such correlations are the Creator and the created, the ...

nisab dhatiyyah

(Nisab Dhatiyyah). The archetypes, or fixed entities, in their state of non-existence, are the pure essential relations without proper forms.


(Nisba). Lordship is the relationship of the 'He-ness' to the entity. The 'He-ness' in Itself does not require such a relationship, but it is the entities that demand it. Allah has placed the Divine Names between Himself and the cosmos, and from th...


(Nisyan). Because man was created upon the 'form' of Allah he possesses the potentiality to forget his servanthood and see himself as Lord. Yet, this forgetfulness (nisyan) is a Divine Attribute, as is indicated in Allah's Words, "They forgot Allah,...


(Niyaba). No existent thing is named by all the Divine Names except man. In being the pure mirror of the Name 'Allah', the Perfect Man was given the viceregency and deputyship (niyaba). Through this deputyship the slave can exercise 'governing contr...

Constancy and stability

(Niyaz). Constancy and stability in seeking Allah. The bondage of the slave and the yearning of the lover remain constant under all conditions. The slaves and lovers of Allah sit patiently at Allah's door. Through looking always towards Allah, the Ma...


(Niyyah). The Perfect Man is the first in intention and desire through Allah, making him the intended aim and final cause of the creation of the world. From the side of creation all acts of obedience to Allah require purity of intention. Without pur...


(Niza'). The conflict in the cosmos is rooted in the conflict which exists between the Divine Names. The disequilibrium and imbalance of a man's constitution result from this niza'. Under the direction of a divine physician and through spiritual stru...

Order or Arrangement

(Nithaam). The Order has been established by Allah. Realities do not change. The slave is the slave. The Lord is the Lord. The Real is the Real. The creature is the creature. Everything is in its proper place.


(Nubuwwa). The Prophecy of Institution came to an end with the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). The Divine Command and Sacred Law were cut off with him. This type of Prophecy reached th...