The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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latifah 'atifiyyah
Subtle Sympathetic Centre

(Latifah 'Atifiyyah). The sympathetic subtlety.

latifah dhatu-s-sirriyyah
Subtle Essence of the Secret

(Latifah Dhatu Sirriyyah). The essence of the secret.

latifah al-haqiqiyyah
Subtle Essence of Reality

(Latifah al Haqiqqiyyah). This is situated on the crown of the head. This is the 'crowning' latifah and because of its sacred reality it must be protected, covered and veiled. Herein lies one of the meanings of the prayer cap and the turban and the v...

al-latifah al-insaniyyah (latifah al-nafsiyyah, latifah al-qalabiyyah)
Subtle human reality

(Latifah al insaniyyah/nafsiyyah). The human subtle reality which is also known as 'the self'. This subtle essence or centre of the human body must be cleansed in order for the traveller to progress in his Journey of Return to Allah.

latifah al-khafiyyah
Subtle Essence - Hidden

(Latifah al Khafiyyah). The hidden subtle essence. This is situated between the two physical eyes.

latifah al-qalbiyyah
Subtle Centre of the Heart

(Latifah al Qalbiyyah). The subtle essence or centre of the heart. Cleansing of the heart forms the spiritual endeavour of the earlier stages of the Journey. Once the heart has been purified the traveller is in a state of preparedness and receptivity...

latifah ar-ruhiyyah
Subtle Centre of the Spirit

(Latifah ar Ruhiyya). The subtle essence or centre of the spirit.

latifah al-sirriyyah
Subtle, secret essence

(Latifah al Sirriyyah). The subtle secret essence.

lauh al-mahfuz
Preserved Tablet

(Lawh al Mahfuz). The Inscribed or Preserved Tablet upon which the Supreme Pen writes the destinies of all creation. Lawh al Mahfuz is also called the Universal Soul..

laulaka, laulaka ma khalaqtu'l-aflaka
If not for you, if not for you . . .

(Laulaka, laulaka ma khalaqtul aflaka). 'If not for you, if not for you, (O My Muhammad), I would not have created the heavenly spheres'. This beautiful Hadith Qudsi reveals the primordial Perfection of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations ...

Gleams of Light

(Lawa'ih). The gleams which become visible to one's secret being and the glimmers of the light of the Essence that show themselves when one's vision is not limited by baseness or animality.

Flashes of Light

(Lawami'). Flashes of light that fleetingly enter the heart and momentarily remain there. And even though the flash departs as suddenly as it arrives it may nonetheless bring with it and deposit in the heart, a new and fresh knowledge of Allah. The m...


(Layla). A woman's name meaning 'Night'. Layla indicates that 'moment' on the ascent to Allah when darkness surrounds the slave, blindfolding him to everything that is other-than-Allah. Within Sufi mystical poetry and sufi songs the name Layla symbo...

laylat al-mi'raj
Night of the Ascension

(Laylat al Mi'raj). The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace), the slave of Allah ('Abdullah), was 'taken' to the Divine Presence on this 'night'. The word 'night' indicates that moment which is outside of time wh...

laylat al-qadr
Night of Power

(Laylat al Qadr). The Night of Power occurs during one of the last odd numbered nights of the Month of Ramadan. It was on this night that the archangel Garbirel made his initial appearance to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah b...