The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Physical body

(Jism). Man consists of a body and a spirit which governs that body. In being referred to as 'the great man' the cosmos is also a body containing a spirit which governs it. The spirit of the cosmos is the Perfect Man. The bodies of the Prophets of A...


(Junun). Temporary madness can arise due to the force of an 'inrush' which overpowers the senses. Majnun's longing and love for Layla, which rendered him 'insane', is one of the Sufis best-loved symbols of the lover's obsession with the Beloved. The...

Knowledge of the particulars

(Juz'iyyat). Contained within Allah's Knowledge of the universals is His Knowledge of the particulars. Nothing is excluded from Allah's Eternal Knowledge.

Al Jawaad
Generous, The

(Al Jawaad). Munificent, Generous. With His Generosity He gave you life.

Al Jaa'il
Maker of, The

(Al Jaa'il). The maker of . . . One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Al Janaan
Full of Loving Care

(Al Janaan). Full of Loving care. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Al Jaabir
Repairer, The

(Al Jaabir). The Repairer. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Jamaraat al Thalaatha
Three Pillars

(Jamaraat al Thalaatha). The three pillars represent the self, the character and habit. Through the action of stoning the pillars, one annihilates these qualities and replaces them with the seven attributes of Allah.

Al Janaan
Loving Care

Al Janaan - see 'Full of Loving Care'.


Jabr - see 'Compulsion'.

Jawhar al Hayulani
Prime Matter

Jawhar al Hayulani - see 'First substance'. Also 'Prime matter' or the 'Universal plastic substance'.

Jam' al Jam
Unity in Multiplicity

(Jam' al Jam). See - 'Union of Union'.


Jawhar - see 'jewel'.


Jannah - see 'Paradise'.


See 'Subtle beings'.