The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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World of Domination

(Jabarut). The World of Invincibility or the World of Domination or the World of the All-Powerful or the Divine Ipseity. Jabarut is the Presence of Compelling. This Presence is also known as the First Unveiling or Determination, the Reality of Muhamm...

Compeller, The

(Al Jabbar). The Compeller, the Overbearing. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Jabr). Compulsion or coercion. There is no coercion or compulsion in the deen. Man is free to choose his Path of Return. However, when man has attained a very high level of Divine Knowledge (Ma'rifa), through 'The Nearness of obligatory works' (Qurb...

Divine Attraction

(Jadhba). When, through His Infinite Grace, Allah draws or pulls His lover towards Himself, without any effort on the part of the lover, rapture and ecstasy are experienced. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peac...

Attracted one

(Jadhbi). The one who is attracted or 'grabbed' by Allah. He is the enraptured one, who during his rapture, is present with Allah.


(Jadid). New creation (Khalq Jadid) is a term which indicates the constantly changing states and the renewal of each existent thing, in each instant. In each instant a new knowledge is unfolded to the 'aware one'. Only the Essence is changeless.


(Jifr). Divination, code or cipher. This science deals with speculation about events, past and future, according to combinations of words and letters.


(Jahannam) is distance (bu'd) from, and forgetfulness of, Allah. Man finds himself in Hell when he imagines that there actually is a real chasm between Allah and himself.


(Jahil). Ignorance, which is only a lack of knowledge, is darkness and darkness is non-existence while knowledge is Light and Light is existence. The Spiritual Journey is an inner transformation from ignorance to Knowledge, from darkness to Light, fr...

Time of Ignorance

(Jahiliyya). The Era of Ignorance. Everything that occurred before initiation into the Spiritual Path of Return is seen, in retrospect, as Al Jahiliyya. And, the 'moment that has just gone' is an era of ignorance when compared to 'this present moment...


(Jalal). The Divine Majesty. Jalal indicates Allah's Incomparability. His Qualities of Majesty include His Transcendence, His Inaccessibilty, His Magnificence, His Tremendousness. Awe is experienced when the heart is overwhelmed by jalal.

Majestic, The

(Al Jalil). The Majestic, the Mighty. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

jalis Allah
Who sits with Allah

(Jalis Allah). 'Who sits with Allah'. The one who sits with Allah is the rememberer (dhakir). Allah says, "I am sitting with the one who remembers Me" (Ana jalisu man dhakarani).


(Jalsa). This term refers most particularly to the fifth posture of the ritual prayer (Salat). The sitting (Jalsa) comes after the first prostration (Sajda) and symbolizes the fifth stage of the Spiritual Journey (Nafs al Radhiyya) and the fifth leve...


(Jalwa). The knower ('Arif) is the one who observes the spiritual retreat (Khalwa) while being engaged in everyday activities within society (Jalwa). During such a time, when he is present with Allah, he finds inexpressible sweetness (Halawa). Such ...