The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Inhiraf). All spiritual illness are based upon an inner disequilibrium which has its root in the base character traits of the individual. Through spiritual struggle and the sincere turning to the Remembrance of Allah the base character traits may b...


(Inhisar). To be confined. Everything is confined except the Essence Itself. The Essence never becomes manifest. Were It to become manifest It would be known. Were It known It would be encompassed which would limit It. Its limitation would lead to It...

Essence Itself

(Inniyyah). The Essence Itself. The Ipseity of the Real.


(Inqiyad) is that type of obedience or submission which is indicated by the first Islam. It is obedience 'on the tongue', not within the heart.



al-insan al-hayawan
Animalistic man

(Insan al hayawan). This is man cast down to the 'lowest of the low'. Here he appears and acts as an animal in human form. He is in a state of gross disequilibrium, having not yet actualized the divine form which would make him a human being.

insan kabir
Great Man

(Insan Kabir). This term is applied to the universe, the macrocosm. The signs of Allah are on the horizons, in the macrocosm, and within ourselves, the microcosm. The universe is the great man (Insan Kabir) and man is the small world or universe ('A...

al-insan al-kamil
Perfect Man

(Al Insan al Kamil). He is the viceregent of Allah, through whom Allah contemplates His Own Name-derived Perfection. The Perfect Man has actualized the divine form and in carrying the Trust has fulfilled his reason for being. It is through the Perfe...


(Insaniyyah). Humanness or human nature.

Expansion of the breast

(Inshirah). This expansion is due to the Light contained within the breast. The Light is from Allah and it is Knowledge of Allah. Without this Light the breast remains in darkness and ignorance. This expansion is continuous, from the initial expansio...


(Intibah). The departure of heedlessness from the heart. This occurs when Allah admonishes His slave. Such an admonition fills the heart with awe and in so doing the heart turns, with an utter turning, towards Allah.


(Intiqaal). Transferral or passage. On the Journey of Return the friends of Allah pass from station to station. In moving to a higher station they do not depart from the lower one, rather their passage is with the lower one. It is the same with knowl...

intiqal-i nisbat
Transferral of spiritual qualities

(Intiqaali nisbaat). This is the transferral of lofty spiritual qualities from the Shaykh to his successor, at the moment of the Shaykh's death.

Agitation of the heart

(Inzi'aj). The agitation of the heart while in the state of ecstasy (wajd). This agitation is caused by the The Reprover, the admonisher of the truth, who is within the slave's heart.

Standing in a state of straightness

(Iqamat). The slave stands straight before his Lord, without deviation or crookedness or swerving. He is steadfast and present with his Lord.