The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Divine things

(Al Ilahiyyat). The root and origin of every existent thing is Allah. Each entity comes from within Allah's Knowledge. The cosmos itself is nothing but the manifestation of the Hidden Treasure. It is the manifestation of Allah's Names. Even though t...

Divine Ones

(Al Ilahiyyun). These are the highest among human beings. They are the Friends of Allah who have passed beyond the states and stations and have 'no station'. The Real, al Haqq, is identical with them.


(Ilham). Divine inspiration or effusion. Ilham is an blowing in of the Holy Spirit into the heart of a Prophet or a Friend of Allah. Ilham is distinct from Revelation which is specific only to the Prophets of Allah. The Divine Ilham is the immense sp...


('Illah) is the motivation through which Allah directs His slave. A secondary cause may or may not be used as a mediator for this motivation.

Knowledge or science

('Ilm) is the analytical and indirect knowledge which results from investigation and study. 'Ilm is contrasted with ma'rifa, the direct knowledge which occurs through the experiences of tasting (dhawq), opening (fath) and unveiling (kashf). Generally...

'ilm al-ahwal
Knowledge of the Spiritual States

('Ilm al Ahwal).

'ilm al-'aql
Knowledge of the intellect

('Ilm al 'Aql).

'ilm al-asrar
Knowledge of the Secrets

('Ilm al Asrar).

'ilm al-batini
Knowledge of the Inward

('Ilm al Batini). Because Allah is the Outwardly Manifest (al Thahir) and the Inwardly Hidden (al Batin) Knowledge of Allah necessarily encompasses both the Inward and the Outward aspects of existence.

Knowledge of Tasting

('Ilm ul Dhawq). This Knowledge is specific to the People of the Spiritual Path (Tariqa). It is that knowledge which comes through direct experience. Those who have tasted know. Those who have not tasted tasted do not know.

'ilm al-ghayb
Knowledge of the Unseen

('Ilm al Ghayb). This Knowledge is a gift of Allah's Grace which He gives to whosoever He Wills.

Knowledge of the state

('Ilm al hal). This knowledge is the contemplation, within the heart, of the mystery of the state which is between the slave and his Lord.

'ilm ladunni
Knowledge direct from Allah

('Ilm Ladunni). Divine (God-given) Knowledge. This is a sacred knowledge which has not come through reflection or consideration but has descended into the heart directly from Allah. 'Ilm ladunni is that knowledge which was given to al Khidr (Peace be...

'ilm al-mutlaq
Knowledge of the Absolute

('Ilm al Mutlaq).

Knowledge of Allah's standing

('Ilm al Qiyam). Knowledge of Allah's standing as the slave's Observer. This is a precious knowledge in which the slave is kept in constant awareness of Allah.