The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Hubb). Love is the motivating force of Allah's Self-disclosure which is His creation of the creation. This is indicated in the Hadith Qudsi "I was a Hidden treasure and I loved to be known and so I created the creation". It is this love (Hubb) which...

Love of the material world

(Hubb-i-Dunya). Aspirations, yearnings and love must be turned away from the world and towards Allah if the seeker is sincere in his seeking. Attachment to anything is a barrier, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant that thing appears. Al...

hubb al-fara'id
Love pertaining to obligatory works

(Hubb al Fara'id). Through purity of intention and sincerity of action man is brought nearer and nearer to Allah. In the Journey towards the station of Perfection known as 'The Nearness of obligatory works' the motivation is from the Beloved, Allah....

Love of fame

(Hubb-i-jah). This is one of the major obstacles on the Path to self-purification. To be aware of, and influenced by, the praise of men is to be distracted from awareness and Remembrance of Allah.

hubb an-nawafil
Love pertaining to supererogatory works

(Hubb an Nawafil). Through purity of intention and sincerity of action man is brought nearer and nearer to Allah. This beautiful 'approaching' results from the mutual love and affinity (Munasaba) which exists between Allah and His lover (Muhibb). In ...


The Prophet Hud (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Wisdom of Uniqueness (Al Hikmat al Ahadiyyah).


(Huda). It is Allah Who guides whoever He wants to Himself. The journey from the circumference to the Centre is under Divine Guidance and is specific to the people of yearning who travel the Spiritual Path. When He wants to join someone to Himself He...

Presence with Allah

(Hudur) is the heart's presence with Allah when it is absent from everything else. The slave can never be present with Allah except through one of His Beautiful Names and in so doing a state of perfect spiritual courtesy is maintained.

hudur wa ghaybah
Presence and absence

(Hudur wa ghaybah). This is presence with Allah and absence from oneself. When Allah is there, you are not. When you are there, Allah is not. The Holy Prophet Muhammad said, 'The prayer without you is better than seventy'. May the Salutations of All...


(Hujum). Sudden attacks on the heart through the power of the moment. These occur without any effort or action on the part of the slave. (Hawjama - a single red rose).

al-hukama' al-ilahiyyun
Divine Sages

(Al Hukama al Ilahyiyyun). These are 'those deeply rooted in knowledge'.


(Al Hukm). The judgement or order or property which rules over a thing. Just as a king rules over his subjects according to the level of kingship, so it is the level of the thing that rules, not the entity of the thing. It is this property of a thing...


(Hulul). This word implies the indwelling of the Divine in man, which is the entering of one thing into another. Incarnation (Hulul) and unification are considered to be heretical doctrines. They have been condemned by the Men of Allah; those who kno...


(Hurriyyah). This is the ultimate freedom of being a slave of Allah. Such a slave is the noble soul who is emancipated from his lower self. In finding himself to be a slave he discovers his own essential non-existence and is therefore free. But, the...


(Huruf). The letters (of the alphabet). The term 'Ilm al Huruf (Science of the letters) is given to a complex science and symbolism which is based on the letters of the Arabic alphabet. 'The science of letters plays an important role in many of the l...