The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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hayawan natiq
Rational speaking animal

(Hayawan Natiq). This is man himself. Rational speech (nutq) is one of man's distinguishing features.


(Hayawaniyyah). Creation is a hierarchy. Each entity has its own level which indicates its position within that hierarchy. The animals occupy their own level and in so doing they fulfil and complete all the requirements demanded by that level of ma...


(Haybah). The awe or reverential fear experienced by the slave when faced by the Incomparability of Allah, His Majesty and Transcendence, His Inaccessibility, Magnificence and Power. Such a state of godfearingness ensures that the slave will keep him...


(Haykal). Temple or bodily form. The human body is the temple of Allah.


(Hayrah). Bewilderment, perplexity or wonderment. Hayrah indicates a moment of utter perplexity, when the mind ceases to function, unable as it is to resolve or find an answer to a particular spiritual impasse. At such a blessed time, for it is by th...

Universal plastic substance

(Hayula). Prime matter or the universal plastic substance.

Living, The

(Al Hayy). The Living, the Perfectly Alive. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Hijab). A veil or curtain. Everything that hides the object of your search from your eye. Hijab hides Allah from man, the outer form of a thing veils its inner meaning. In the initial stages of the Journey of Return to the Source the traveller is ve...

hijab al-'izzah
Veil of Glory

(Hijab al 'Izzah). The Veil of Glory or the Supreme Veil. This veil of Almightiness renders the lover blind and bewildered because it conceals the Essence Itself which is beyond knowledge, beyond contemplation, beyond everything except Itself. This V...


(Hijra) is to leave one's homeland in the Way of Allah (Fi Sabilillah). For the lovers of Allah, this migration is from the corporeal world to the World of the spirits. It is a departure from one's sins and errors and the abandonment of one's will.


(Hikma). Justice ('Adl) is 'putting everything in its proper place'. Wisdom (Hikma), which is closely connected to justice, is 'to act as is proper to each situation'. To be able to act in such a manner it is necessary to have discernment of relation...

al-hikmat al-ahadiyyah
Wisdom of Uniqueness

(Al Hikmat al Ahadiyyah) which is contained in the Word of the Prophet Hud (Eber) (Peace be upon him).

al-hikmat al-'aliyyah

(Al Hikmat al 'Aliyyah). The Elevated Wisdom which is contained in the Word of the Prophet Ishmael (Peace be upon him).

al-hikmat al-fardiyyah
Wisdom of Singularity

(Al Hikmat al Fardiyyah) which is contained within the Word of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).

al-hikmat al-futuhiyyah
Wisdom of Opening

(Al Hikmat al Futuhiyyah) which is contained in the Word of the Prophet Salih (Peace be upon him).