The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Spiritual State

(Hal). A spiritual state which overwhelms the heart. A hal enters the heart as a gift and a bestowal of Allah's Infinite Grace upon His slave. A spiritual state cannot be attained through effort, desire or invitation. It arrives unexpectedly and dep...


(Halal). This term indicates that which is lawful according to the Islamic Sacred Law (Shari'a). For the People of Reality, who adhere to both the inner and outer meanings of the Sacred Law, it is lawful to witness only Allah. Witnessing other-than-A...


(Halak). There is a waystation (Manzil) of destruction which is connected to the whims and caprices of the ego. This halak is caused by reflecting upon and delving into certain forms of knowledge which should not be investigated. It is a place of dan...


(Halawa). When Allah opens the doors of His Loving-Kindness to the heart of His lover that heart becomes infused with joy and is overwhelmed by inexpressible sweetness. This is the opening of sweetness (Futuh al Halawa).

Gentle, The

(Al Haleem). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Halqa). This is the spiritual gathering in which the members of a tariqa devote themselves to the Remembrance of Allah (Dhikrullah). Each 'one who remembers' becomes like a link in a circular chain. Immense spiritual energy (Barakah) can be attract...

hamalat al-Qur'an
Carriers of the Qur'an

(Hamalat al Qur'an). The lovers of Allah are called 'Carriers of the Qur'an'. Through following the beautiful model (Uswa Hasana) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, whose "character was the Qur'an", these lovers have gathered within themselves all the Di...

hama az ust
All is from Him (Allah)

(Hama az ust) (Persian). Some say, 'All is from Him'. Others say, 'All is He'. The Verifiers say, 'All is He and all is not He' and they also say, 'He'.

hama ust
All is He

(Hama ust) (Persian). The Verifiers (of Truth), those who know Allah and see Allah with two eyes, say, 'All is He' and they also say 'All is not He'. 'All is Allah and all is not Allah'. Their way of seeing is the perfect way. They know that 'The sla...


(Hamd). "The seven heavens extol His limitless glory, and the earth, and all that they contain; and there is not a single thing but extols His limitless glory and praise" (The Qur'an 17:44).

Praised, The

(Al Hamid). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Spiritual Realities

(Haqaiq). Each existent entity has its own specific spiritual reality which is its relationship with the Real (al Haqq).

al-haqa'iq al-rabbaniyya
Lordly Realities

(Al Haqaiq al Rabbaniyya). These are the Most Beautiful Names. Every existent thing is connected to Al Haqaiq al Rabbaniyya (the Lordly Realities) and is therefore in the grasp of the Divine Reality.


(Haqiqa). 'Reality' indicates the Essential Reality of things or the Divine Truth. It is the reality of the entity. Al Haqiqa is the negation of the effects of the slave's qualities by His Qualities, so that He is the agent through, in and from, the...

haqiqat al-fayd
Emanation, Reality of

(Haqiqat al Fayd). The Reality of Emanation or Outpouring. This is the power through which the Divine Realities are transferred from the Murshid to his murid. It is a direct emanation or overflow from the Great Heart of the Holy Prophet Muhammad hims...