The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Husn). The most beautiful of Allah's creation is the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). He is the locus of every beautiful thing. 'Allah is Beautiful and He loves Beauty' and the Holy Prophet Muhammad is the...

husn al-akhlaq
Beautiful character traits

(Husn al Akhlaq). The beautiful character traits with which the Holy Prophet Muhammad was sent and of which he is the perfect embodiment. The assuming of these beautiful character traits is the alchemical work of the Islamic Spiritual Path. Under th...


(Huwa). This is the Supreme Self, the Non-Manifest Being. Huwa indicates the Essence Itself which is always in the Unseen and remains in Itself Incomparable.

Huwa Huwa
He is He

(Huwa Huwa). Allah is Allah. The Essence is the Essence. The Unknowable is the Unknowable. He is He. This is the bewildering bewilderment (Hayrah).

Huwa, la Huwa
He, Not He

(Huwa, la Huwa). This dynamic phrase contains the secret and mystery and the ultimate paradox of existence. Everything is 'He' (Huwa) and everything is 'not He' (la Huwa). The knowers and lovers of Allah have penetrated this mystery and are utterly ...

He - ness

(Huwiyyah). The Reality in the world of the Unseen. It is the Inward aspect of Abstract Oneness or Unity (Al Ahadiyyah). This is Being, totally Hidden and Unknowable. This is the Hidden Treasure. This is the placeless 'place' to which Allah's intoxic...

Al Haakim
Justice, The One who brings

(Al Haakim). The One who brings Justice. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Hajarat al Aswad
Black Stone

(Hajarat al Aswad). The Black Stone is an indication to the human essence. The darkness of the Black Stone is the corruption of the spiritual self by the earthly nature.

Habs Nadhr
Imprisonment by the gaze

(Habs Nadhr). Holding or imprisonment of a creation of Allah by the spiritual power of the gaze.


Haram - see 'Unlawful'.


Hizb - see 'Litany'.

Presences- Divine

Hadarat - see Divine Presences.


(Hakawi). Literally - a 'jaw wagger'. The one whose Murshid has passed away before his training was completed (or the one who has separated himself from the teaching). His lower self will not allow him to move any further. Instead of seeking a Shayk...

Al Haqq
Creative Truth, The

Al Haqq - see 'Truth, The'.

Al Hukm al Kulli
Universal Decree

(Al Hukm al Kulli).