The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Al Haba). 'The fine dust suspended in the air'. Al haba is a symbol of the universal plastic substance or the prima materia. This symbolism illustrates the double nature of the Spirit. Dust becomes visible only when a beam of light is refracted off ...

al-haba surat-ul haqq
Image of Truth

(Al Haba Surat al Haqq).


(Habib). This usually refers to Allah Who is the Ultimate, the One and Only Beloved of all His lovers.

Beloved of Allah

(Habibullah). This blessed name is proper only to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). No one reaches Allah by being a lover, only by being the Beloved, and it is for this very reason that 'No one will meet ...

Divine Presences

(Al Hadarat). These are the five universal planes, levels of existence or finding, or worlds of Entified Being. 1. The World of the Essence (dhat), The World of the Absolute Non-manifestation (al ghayb al mutlaq), or the Mystery of Mysteries (ghayb ...


(Hadra). Presence or world or plane or level. Hadra also refers to the gathering where the collective remembrance of Allah is performed.

hadarat al-asma'
Presence of the Names

(Hadarat al Asma').

hadarat al-dhatiyyah
Presence of the Essence

(Al Hadarat al Dhatiyyah). The Presence of the Essence is the Absolute Unknowableness, Sheer Being, Pure Ipseity, the Unknown of the Unknown. This is the Presence of the Mother of the Book. Below it, in the Presence of the All-Compelling, the Mother ...

hadarat al-ghayb
Presence of the Unknowable

(Al Hadarat al Ghayb).

hadarat al-hiss
Presence of Sense Perception

(Hadarat al Hiss).

al-hadrat al-ilahiyya
Presence of the Divine

(Al Hadarat al ilahiyya).

hadrat al-insan
Presence of Man

(Hadrat al Insan).

hadarat al-jabarut
Presence of the All-Compelling

(Hadarat al Jabarut). This Presence is also known as the First Descent, the Reality of Muhammad and the Inscribed Book.

hadrat al-jam'
Presence of All-Comprehensiveness

(Hadrat al Jam').

hadrat al-jami'a
Presence - All Comprehensive

(Hadrat al Jamia). Man as the 'All-Comprehensive Presence'. This is the Perfect Man.