The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Fadl). Benevolence and bounty and gift. The cosmos itself, which is the very manifestation of engendered existence, derives from Allah's benevolence and bounty. It is a gratuitous gift of His Infinite Mercy (Rahma).

Address (of the Real One)

(Fahwaniyyah). An address of the Real One (Allah) by means of face-to-face encounter in the world of analogies and images.


(Fai'l). The agent or actor. Allah, The Truth, never ceases being the Agent of existence in the possible things. All the engendered things are His covering, while He is the One Who Acts from behind this covering. 'So jealous is Allah all others are d...

Immoral behaviour

(Faajir). Depending upon the root from which fajir derives it can mean either 'a man who commits sinful acts of infidelity' or 'a man who manifests or unveils what is veiled'. That is, he can either be a disbeliever or he can be one who manifests the...


(Falak). Sphere or heaven or realm. The spheres all revolve around one axis - that Beautiful Axis is the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).

Sphere of Elements

(Falak ul Anasir). The Sphere of Elements.

falak al-atlas
Sphere without stars

(Falak al Atlas). The Starless Heaven.

falak al-buruj
Sphere of the Constellations

(Falaka al Buruj). The Sphere of the Constellations.

Sphere of Atoms

(Falak ul Haba). The Sphere of Atoms.

falak al-hayat
Sphere of Life

(Falak al Hayat). The Sphere of Life.

Sphere of Matter

(Falak ul Hayula). The Sphere of Matter.

falak al-manazil
Sphere of the moon's mansions

(Falak al Manazil). The Sphere of the moon's mansions; the earth of the Garden.


(Fana'). Self-annihilation or self-effacement or dissolution or passing away from self. Through being joined to Allah, the Real; man is annihilated from himself - the 'limited existence' of the traveller is ov...

fana' fillah
Annihilation in Allah

(Fana Fillah). Annihilation in Allah. This is the final stage on the Journey of Return to Allah. The being of the lover is annihilated and absorbed into the Being of the Beloved. From here onwards there is endless travelling with the Infinite unfoldi...

fana' fi-murshid (fana' fi-shaykh)
Annihilation in the Spiritual Guide

(Fana fil Murshid/Shaykh). Fallen man cannot, by his own resources, reach Annihilation in Allah.. He requires a Spiritual Guide, a Murshid, who is a pure receptacle for the Divine Outpouring which emanates from the Holy Prophet Muhammad. This Outpou...