The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Door or gate

(Bab) Door or gate. Sitting patiently, with total respect and utter humility, at Allah's door, is the work within tariqa. While knocking on Allah's door the murid waits mindfully, never distracted, in readiness for whatever Allah Wills for him. The l...

Absolute Cause

(Al Badi'). The Absolute Cause. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Sea or Ocean

(Al Bahr). This term has several meanings. It is one of the most powerful symbols of Divine Unity and Absolute Being. When the lover reaches this Mighty Sea and plunges into its Waters, he is lost. The drop becomes the Sea. Also, between the Sea of M...

Raiser of the dead, The

(Al Ba'ith). The Raiser of the dead. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Bala). The friends of Allah are visited by many sicknesses and tribulations. Affliction refers to bodily illnesses and diverse troubles. It is Allah's favour to His friends. They love only Allah and see only Allah, so whatever comes from Allah is go...

Abiding in Allah

(Baqa). Subsistence with Allah for perpetuity. After the stage of annihilation in Allah, Allah either keeps His slave in this Station of stations or He sends him back to the world to perfect the still imperfect ones. Abiding is the slave's return to ...

al-baqa' ba'da 'l-fana'
Abiding after annihilation

(Baqa ba'da-l fana). Eternity or perpetuity after extinction. This is abiding after passing away. The knower abides in Allah and yet goes out towards creation with love, generosity, honour and dignity. Abiding after annihilation is for the Perfect Ma...

Everlasting One, The

(Al Baqi). The Everlasting One. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Spiritual energy

(Barakah) is a subtle spiritual energy which flows through everything, but is strongest within the human. The more purified the human becomes, the greater the flow of barakah. Overpowering barakah can be experienced in sacred places, in sacred art an...


(Barazikh). Spiritual isthmuses.

One who orders with perfect harmony, The

(Al Bari). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Doer of Good, The

(Al Barr). The Doer of Good. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Barzakh). Barrier or isthmus or separating partition. The barzakh is the symbol of an intermediate state. It is something which separates two other things while never going to one side. It is the barrier between the known and the unknown, the existe...

al-barzakh al-a'la
Isthmus, Supreme

(Al Barzakh al 'Ala). This is the Great Isthmus standing between Allah and nothingness. It is known by various names; Nondelimited Imagination, The Cloud, The Breath of the All Merciful, The Real Through Whom Creation Takes Place, The Universal Reali...

barzakh al-barazikh
Isthmus of Isthmuses

(Barzakh al Barazikh). This term refers specifically to The Perfect Man.