The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Ar Rahman
Merciful, The

(Ar Rahman). The Principle insofar as it is in its nature to wish to communicate its Goodness, it Beauty, its Beatitude; insofar as It is the Sovereign Good ‘before’ the creation of the World. Mystery of intrinsic Goodness.

Al Mudhill
Abaser, The

(Al Mudhill). The Abaser. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Asma al Batiniyyah
Names of the Inward

(Asma al Batiniyyah).

Asma al Batiniyyah
Associate, one who assigns

Mushrik - see 'Partners-one who assigns'.


An - see 'Instant'.

'Aql al Awwal
First Intellect

'Aql al Awwal - see 'Intellect-First'.

Al Haqq
Creative Truth, The

Al Haqq - see 'Truth, The'.

Clement, The

(Ar-Ra'uf). The All Clement. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah. Allah Almighty bestowed this Beautiful Name upon His Beloved, The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and peace).

Al Hukm al Kulli
Universal Decree

(Al Hukm al Kulli).

Asma al Mutaqabila
Contrary Names

(Asma al Mutaqabila). This includes such opposing Names as The One who Contracts and The One who Expands, The Life-giver and The Slayer. All of the contrary Names are gathered together in the Name 'Allah', which is the totality of the contrary Names...

Ahl al Fatarat
People of transition

(Ahl al Fatarat). These are the people to whom no prophet or messenger was sent. They have not heard or received or had contact with them. They lived in isolation or in a time 'between' messengers and will be judged based on what knowledge of the Div...


Asbab - see 'Secondary Causes'.


See 'Science of letters'.

Al Haqiqat al Kulliyat
Universal Reality

(Al Haqiqat al Kulliyat). The Universal Reality, the Truth of truths. The Reality of realities. Al Haqiqat al Kulliya is one of the names given to the Supreme Isthmus.

Al 'Aql al Kulli
Universal Intellect

(Al 'Aql al Kulli).