The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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ahadiyyat al-musamma
Unity of the Named

(Ahadiyyat al Musamma). The Unity of the Named (and the Named is Allah).

ahadiyyah ar-rububiyya
Unity of Lordship

(Ahadiyya ar-rububiyya).

al 'ahbab
Beloved Ones

(Al Ahbab). The absolute Beloved of Allah (Habibullah) is the Holy Prophet Muhammad and it is only through him that the yearning lover of Allah ('Ashiq) may be united with Allah. When the Beloved is named Ma'shuq, it refers to the Absolute Beloved, A...


(Ahkam). Orders or determinations or laws or rulings. Allah has set down these ahkam in His Sacred Law. Certain gnostic sciences are contained within these rulings but they are not unveiled unless the rulings are put into practice. This is due to His...


(Ahl). People or relations. These are the descendants of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). The entire creation are his descendants through his light which is from the Light of Allah. The term 'ahl' specif...

ahl Allah
People of Allah

(Ahl Allah). This title embraces the entire humanity, but there are many degrees within the Ahl Allah. These are the various levels of 'knowing Allah', for it is in knowing Allah that one is brought near to Allah. Amongst humanity there are people wh...

ahl'l 'asm
People of great resolution

(Ahl al 'Asm). The people of great resolution are the ones who direct all their efforts and time towards their Only Goal - Allah. They are also called 'The People of great spiritual resolve and aspiration' (Ahl al Himma).

ahl 'aql wa-taqyid wa-hasr
People of binding, limiting and restricting

(Ahl 'aql wa taqyid wa hasr). These are the people who bind and restrict Allah Almighty within the confines of their own limited beliefs.

ahl'l Bayt
People of the household

(Ahl al Bayt). The people of the Household of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).

ahl'l hal
People of a spiritual state

(Ahl al Hal).

ahl al-haqaiq
People of the Essential Realities

(Ahl al Haqaiq). Men who contemplate the Essential Realities. These are the ones who see beyond the veils which separate them from Reality.

People of spiritual realities

(Ahl al Haqiqat). The People of spiritual realities are engaged in endless travelling in which each moment opens new and fresh realities. There is no stopping for them and there is no rest.

People of Truth

(Ahl al Haqq). The people of Truth. Allah is the Truth and these are His people.

People of spiritual resolve

(Ahl al Himma). The people of great spiritual resolve and aspiration.

People of perfection

(Ahl al Kamal). These are the great friends of Allah whom He has chosen to manifest His All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah' and to act as His viceregents on His earth.