The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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adab al-shari'a
Spiritual courtesy of the Sacred Law

(Adab al sharia'). This is the Divine courtesy which Allah has taught by revelation and inspiration. Through the spiritual courtesy of the sacred law He formed the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) who then fo...

adab al-suhba
Spiritual courtesy of companionship

(Adab al suhba). This is the mutual respect and gracious behaviour which exists between the Murshid and his murid. The murid needs the Murshid who needs the murid! The Murshid's adab towards the murid springs from his own intrinsic need of Allah. The...


The Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Divine Wisdom.

al 'adam
Non-existence or non-being

('Adam/'udum). The state of non-existence or non-being. Al 'adam is the absence or nothingness. In its positive sense it indicates the state of non-manifestation within the Knowledge of Allah (that state to which the perfect slave retires). In its ne...


('Adam-i muhidh). Pure non-existence.


('Ada) - or practice or habit. This term implies something which returns. It is said that a miracle is a 'breaking of habit'.

Torment and chastisement

('Adhab) represents the slave's separation from Allah. This separation is brought about by his seeing what is 'other-than-Allah'.

Invocations of Allah

(Dhikr/Adhkar) are invocations of Allah by one of His Names or a phrase in His Remembrance.

Man of moral courtesy

(Al Adib). The man of moral courtesy is the one who gives to each thing and to each moment its due. He is a 'knower of the moment' and with this knowledge he puts everything in its right place. The Sufi is al adib.

al-adib al-ilahi
Man of Divine courtesy

(Al adib al Ilahi) The man of divine courtesy sees clearly the relationship which exists between Wisdom (hikmah) and the secondary causes (asbab). He is the one who affirms what Allah has affirmed in the place where Allah has affirmed it and in the ...

Just, The

(Al 'Adl). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


('Adl). Justice is putting everything in its proper place. Outward justice concerns what is between oneself and others. Inward justice concerns what is between oneself and Allah.


(Adna). This term is applied as with the opposing attitudes peculiar to those who are called the 'higher' people and the others who are called the 'lower' people. 'Lower' and 'higher' indicate the differences in degrees of 'knowing' Allah.


(Afada) To overflow or emanate. Creation is an overflow or an emanation from the the Breath of the All Merciful. Allah is 'the Giver' and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (who is the Greatest Teacher) is 'the Distributor'. The Inheritors of the Prophet (...


(Af'al). Human actions or deeds. Allah created man, but to what extent did He create man's actions and works? This question of free will and predestination should not be a major concern to the traveller to Allah. He must occupy his time and devote hi...