The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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All Praise be to Allah

(Alhamdulillah). It is not possible for man to praise Allah as He should be praised, for He is "the Lord of Inaccessibility, above what they describe" (The Qur'an 37:180). Our inability to praise Allah is our praise of Allah.

Knower, The

(Al 'Alim). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


('Alim). The one who knows. This term derives from the word 'knowledge' ('ilm). Usually it refers to the exoteric scholars, though sometimes 'alim is used in reference to 'those who know Allah'. The 'one who knows' is the one whom Allah causes to wit...

'alim rabbani
Divinely Inspired Master

('Alim rabbani). A divinely inspired master. He is the one who has returned to the creations to guide and perfect the imperfect ones. His knowledge from Allah is spontaneous.

Higher Beings

(Al 'Aleen). Those of a higher order. The superior spirits. The angels closest to Allah. 'Aleen are those spiritual beings who, due to their luminous constitution, transcend, by their own essence, being 'elemental'.

Exaltedness and sublimity

('Aliyyah) Exaltedness and sublimity. This term indicates every Divine Name which has a relation to an angel or a spiritual existence.


God. The Principle insofar as It includes all of its possible aspects. The mystery of Divinity. This is the Supreme Name. The Name 'Allah' indicates both the Face of the Divinity which is turned towards His creation and the Face of the Unknowable Ess...

Allahu Akbar
Allah is Greater

(Allahu Akbar). Knowledge of Allah is limitless. Allah is Infinite, Absolute and Without Limit. He is Greater than anything, everything. No thought can contain Allah. He is Greater.

Allahumma arana haqaiq al-ashya kama hiya
Oh, Allah, show me things as they are in their reality

(Allahumma arana haqaiq al ashya kama). This is a personal supplication of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). It is the prayer uttered by all the advanced ones on the Path of Return to Allah, through which...

al 'ama
Blindness, The

(Al 'Ama). The Essence. The Blindness, the Cloud. It is the symbol of the state of Absolute Non-Manifestation of the Divine Obscurity. It is the Inward aspect of the Essence (Dhat), The Hidden Treasure. It is what Allah creates in – the blackboard o...


('Amal). Work or action or practice. When faith and practice are combined with godfearingness then knowledge will be gained. The knowledge which brings man closer to Allah is not merely theoretical knowledge. Felicity is attained only when knowledge ...


(Amanat). The Trust was offered to the heavens and the earth, but they refused to carry it, but mankind accepted the Trust. The Trust is to act as a locus of manifestation of the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'. The Perfect Man is the one who fulfills...


(Amin). There is an hierarchical order of trustworthiness, extending from the trustworthiness of the godfearing man and reaching to the Ultimate Trustworthiness of the Perfect Man, who is a carrier of the Trust. He is Allah's representative on this e...


(Amir). Prince or commander. The Amir is the one who has surrendered his will to Allah's Will.

Divine command

(Amr/Amr al Ilahi). The Divine Command. This is symbolized by the Word of Creation "Be" ("Kun") through which the entire creation became and becomes and will continue to become manifest.