The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Corporeal bodies

(Ajsam). Within the imaginal realm there occurs the spiritualization of the corporeal bodies and the corporealization of the spirits.


(Akhfa). The innermost consciousness. Al Akhfa is that 'place' where a knower sees Allah through Allah, yet, in Truth, it is only Allah Who Sees. It is equivalent to the Ultimate Unseen.

akhfa al-khafi
Hidden of the Hidden

(Akhfa al khafi). The most secret of the secret. The most hidden of the hidden. The most unseen of the unseen.

Last, The

(Al Akhir). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah. The Principle insofar as It is ‘after’ Manifestation, and insofar as its Absoluteness ‘desires’ its Unicity. Mystery of the final Good, of eternal Peace.


(Akhira). The hereafter is the next life in which are found the Bridge, the Scales, Paradise and Hell. For the traveller on the Spiritual Path the reality of the things and events of the hereafter may be experienced here and now, in this life. Paradi...

Character traits

(Akhlaq). Character traits or moral traits. The Science of the higher teaching is based upon assuming the beautiful and noble character traits which were perfected by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).

Good, The

(Akhyar). Within the Sufi hierarchy there are three hundred who are called 'The Good'.


(A'la). This term is applied as with the opposing attitudes peculiar to those who are called the 'higher' people and the others who are called the 'lower' people. The differences between the 'higher' and 'lower' are in degrees of Knowledge of Allah. ...


('Alam). World or universe.

'alam al-ajsam
World of Corporeal bodies

('Alam al ajsam). The world of concrete material things and corporeal bodies.

'alam al-amr
World of Command

('Alam al Amr). Spiritual World or the Universe of Command. The Realm which is without time and matter. The world of command is that which takes its existence from Allah without secondary cause.

'alam al-amthal ('alam al-mithal, 'alam al-khayal)
World of similitudes

('Alam al amthal / 'Alam al mithal / 'Alam al khayal).The world of analogies and images. This is the World of Imagination. It is the isthmus in which the mystery of cosmic ambiguity can be unlocked. It is the place of 'He/not He'.

'alam al-anfas
World of the Breaths

('Alam al anfas). The world of the breaths. Life itself. The breaths are counted. Man's final breath terminates his stay in 'alam al anfas.

'alam al-ghayb
World of the Unseen

('Alam al ghayb) is the Invisible World of the Unseen.

'alam al-ghayb al-muhaqqaq
World of the Unseen (Verified)

('Alam al ghayb al muhaqqaq). The Verified World of the Unseen.