The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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al-af'al al-ilahiyyah
Actions of the Divine

(Af'al al Ilahiyyah). The Divine Activities. These are indicated by Names such as 'He Who gives life' and 'He Who gives death'.

World, external or outer

(Afaq). The external or outer world.


(Afkar). Meditations and contemplations on the Names and Attributes of Allah, the Real. The Essence Itself is Unknowable and it is this aspect of Himself about which Allah warns us in The Qur'an. To reflect upon the Essence is not possible, however i...

al 'afrad

(Al Afrad). Within the Sufi hierarchy 'Al Afrad' are the Singular ones or the Individuals. These men are outside of the supervision of the Qutb, or Pole. Their head is The Green Prophet, Al Khidr.

Effacer of Sins, The

(Al 'Afu). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Unique, The

(Al Ahad). The Unique, The One, The Only. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah. The Principle insofar as It is One in itself. The mystery of intrinsic Unity.

Sayings of the Holy Prophet

(Ahadith). These are the sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). The Science of the higher teaching springs from the Pure Source of the Word of Allah as contained in The Qur'an and from the Teachings...

Unity, Transcendent or Supreme

(Al Ahadiyyah). It is the Outward aspect of the Essence compared with its Inward aspect. When al Ahadiyyah is considered as Abstract Oneness (the first descent from essence) its Inward aspect is 'He-ness' and its Outward aspect is 'I-ness'.

ahadiyyat al-ahad
Unity of the One

(Ahadiyyat al Ahad). This is the Essence Itself.

ahadiyyat al-'ayn
Unity of the Entity

(Ahadiyyat al 'ayn). This is the Unity of Allah in being completely independent of His creation and even of His Names.

ahadiyyat al-jam'
Unity of All-Comprehensiveness

(Ahadiyyat al Jam'). This is the stage of 'Or Nearer'. It is Union. It is Annihilation and Disappearance in Allah. Ahadiyyat al jam' is the final stage in the ascension to Allah, coming after the stage of 'Two Bows' Length'. This station belongs excl...

ahadiyyat al-kalima
Unity of the Word

(Ahadiyyat al Kalima). This is the Divine Word which descends from Allah. This Word contains the Sacred Law within which is all knowledge. The 'place' of this Unity of the Word is His Throne. Beneath the Throne is His Footstool where the Word becomes...

ahadiyyat al-kathra
Unity of multiplicity or manyness

(Ahadiyyat al Kathra). This is Being when considered as possessor of the Names.

ahadiyyat al-kulliyah
Unity of the Universal

(Ahadiyyat al Kulliyah).

ahadiyyat al-mujma
Unity of the United

(Ahadiyyat al Mujma).