The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Bridal Pavilion

(Manasah). The place where wedding-feasts occur. They are occasions of Allah's revealing Himself spiritually.


(Rida'). To appear clothed with the attributes of the Real.

Lookout tower

(Muttala'). Observation of the created world, when the observer has the eye of the Real, the veil of glory. It is blindness and bewilderment.


(Lasan) is that, by means of which divine statements fall upon the ears of the knowers of Allah.




(Wakeel). Authorized agent, representative, or deputy. This position within the Tariqa is generally awarded by the Shaykh for a particular purpose and a specific period of time.


(Wasi). In general usage, this word is similar to the executor of a will' or 'bequest'. In Tariqa, this title is given as a direct appointment by the Shaykh to one who is responsible for looking after the affairs of the Zawiyya and endeavouring to b...

Teach or Instruct

To teach or explain a point. In Tasawwuf, Talqin is used when the Shaykh or Murshid says something and the murid repeats it back to him. This may be used when one enters Islam at the hand of the Shaykh or when entering upon the Path of Allah during b...

Islam (B)

Islam means peace and the person who follows this peace is called the Muslim. From another root meaning of the word, Islam means complete submission and surrender, and the person who submits and surrenders himself to ...

Ghazali, Abu Hamid Muhammad

(450-505/1058-1111) Philosopher, theologian, jurist and mystic; he was known in Europe as "Algazel". He was born and died in Tus, Persia. An extraordinary figure, al-Ghazali was the architect of the latter development of Islam. In his youth al-Gha...

Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad 'Uthman
Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad 'Uthman

Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad 'Uthman is the son of Sayyidi Shaykh Ibrahim Muhammad 'Uthman Abduh al Burhani and inherited the Burhaniyya Tariqa from his father in 2003. He is the first Shaykh of the silsila to have lived outside the tradi...

Sayyidi Shaykh Ibrahim Muhammad 'Uthman Abduh al Burhani
Sayyidi Shaykh Ibrahim Muhammad 'Uthman Abduh al Burhani (d. 2003)

Shaykh Ibrahim was the son of Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad 'Uthman Abduh al Burhani. He inherited the Burhaniyya Tariqa in 1983. Under the guidance of Shaykh Ibrahim, the Burhaniyya Tariqa continued to expand beyond the Nile Valley. Shaykh Ibrahim conside...

Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad 'Uthman Abduh al Burhani
Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad 'Uthman Abduh al Burhani (1902-1983)

Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad 'Uthman Abduh al Burhani was born in Halfa, Sudan, in 1902. At the age of ten he was initiated into the Path of Allah by his uncle. He established the Burhaniyya Tariqa in 1938, which was marked by the following dream and visi...

Sayyidi Ahmad Arabi ash-Sharnubi
Sayyidi Ahmad Arabi ash-Sharnubi (d. 994AH/1586CE)

Sayyidi Ahmad Arabi ash-Sharnubi was born in Sharnub in the Nile Delta near Dasuq. His linage traces back to Sayyiduna wa Mawlana al Imam al Hussayn. Sayyidi Ahmad Arabi ash-Sharnubi travelled widely, staying in Damanhur, living in Mecca and Medina f...

Sayyidi Musa Abul Umran
Sayyidi Musa Abul Umran (d. 729AH/1329CE to 739AH/1339CE)

Sayyidi Musa Abul Umran is the brother Sayyidi Ibrahim al Qurayshi ad-Dasuqi and his maternal uncle was Sayyidi Abul Hassan ash-Shadhuli. He was the first khalifa of his brother, inherited the Dasuqiyya Tariqa after his brother's death, and is respon...