The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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The plain outside Mecca where all pilgrims observe the Day of Standing. "Arafat is Hajj". Arafat represents the time of Divine knowledge and nearness to Allah when the slave stands in the Presence of the Unity of Allah, associating no partner with Al...


('Arad). Accident. The entire cosmos is a collection of accidents and because 'The accident does not remain for two moments' the cosmos undergoes continual change.


(Arbab). Lords. 'He who knows his own self, truly, does know his Lord' (Man 'arafa nafsahu 'arafa Rabbah) but because the majority of mankind take the secondary causes as their lords they do not come to know their Lord.


(Al Ard). In comparing the earth with the heavens, the earth is the physical body of clay which is destined to decay and death and the heavens are the spirit (contained within the body) which is eternal and luminous. The earth is also the place of th...

ard Allah al-wasi'a
Earth of Allah is wide and vast

(Ard Allah al wasi'a). Allah's wide and vast earth. The secondary causes have been established and they are not abolished for anyone, not even for a friend of Allah. But, Allah gives to His slaves and friends, a light with which they can walk in the ...

ard al-haqiqat
Earth of Reality

(Ard al Haqiqat) is the World of Imagination. It is within this realm that the spirits of the friends of Allah encounter each other.

Earth of Worship

(Ardu'l 'Ibadat). The inhabitants of this earth are the jinn who believe in Allah.

Earth of Impiety

(Ardu'l Ilhad). This is the abode of the rebellious jinn.

Earth of Souls

(Ardu'l nufus). One of the Northern regions of this earth is ruled by The Green Prophet Peace be upon him) and is inhabited by the Men of the Unseen.

Earth of Lust

(Ardu'l Shahwa) is inhabited by the offspring of Satan (Iblis).

Earth of Misery

(Ardu'l Shaqawa). This is the floor of Hell (Jahannam).

Earth of Nature

(Ardu'l tab'). This earth is inhabited by unbelieving jinn who appear in human shape causing mankind to neglect worship of Allah.

Earth of Exorbitance

(Ardu'l Tughyan) is inhabited by demons who seduce men into committing great sins.


(Al 'Arif). The knower (of Allah). He is the complete and perfect man. The 'arif has been given Divine Knowledge (ma'rifa), and 'Ma'rifa is a light which Allah casts into the heart of whomsoever He Wills'. All is a gift from Allah. The Knower is the ...

'arif billah
Knower of Allah

('Arif Billah). This Man is the one who has fulfilled his 'reason to be'. He has purified himself in readiness to receive the supreme mystic knowledge which is Knowledge of Allah. It is in knowing Allah that man is drawn closer to Allah. 'The water t...