The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Al aniyyah). 'I-ness' is the Divine subject which is logically opposed to the Divine object (al huwiyyah). It is the outward aspect of Abstract Oneness. In the Descent of the Absolute from 'The Blindness' it passes through three stages of manifestat...

ankar al-nakirat
Most indeterminate of all indeterminates

(Ankar al nakirat). This term may be applied to either of two extremes. The Absolute Itself in Its Inconceivable Transcendence and Unknowableness is 'the most indeterminate of all indeterminates'. Through the first manifestation of the Infinite Merc...

al-'anqa' (simurgh)

(Anqa/Simurgh). The mythical griffon or phoenix which dwells on Mount Qaf. It is the greatest of birds and lives at the world's end. It symbolizes the wind in and with which Allah spiritually opens the material bodies of the world. It is a symbol of ...


(Anwar). The Lights. Anwar are emanations of Pure Being which gush forth from the secrets of the Reality of Muhammad.

anwar al-'arsh
Lights of the Throne

(Anwar al 'Arsh). The Lights of the Throne. These celestial Lights, radiating from the Divine Attributes which surround the Throne, are like veils. Only the friend of Allah who is illuminated by the Lights can pass through them to the Throne Itself b...


(Al 'Aqab). This symbolizes the Pen which is the First Intellect . It is the first and highest creation of Allah. It is sometimes referred to as the Light of Muhammad.

Most Holy One

(Al Aqdasi). The most holy one. He is the one who is united with the Essence, whereas the holy one (qudsi) is illuminated by the Divine Attributes.

al 'aqil
Knower through intellect

(Al 'Aqil). He is the intelligent one. Al 'Aqil does not necessarily indicate the one who knows Allah through unveiling (kashf). Al 'aqil knows through reasoning, which is a lower form of knowledge.


('Aql). The intellect or the faculty of reason. The word 'aql derives from 'iqal which means fetter. The intellect fetters man and it also puts its hooks into him, preventing him from making the final stages of the ascent. On the ascension to Allah (...

al-'aql al-awwal
Intellect, First

('Aql al Awwal). The First Intellect has two faces; the one that is turned towards Allah receives from Allah, while the one that is turned towards the world transmits from Allah. Al 'aql al awwal is analogous to the Supreme Pen.

al-'aql al-kulli
Intellect, Universal

See 'Universal Intellect'.

Intellect, Total

('Aql i-kull). Total intellect.

'aql mujarrad
Intellect, Pure

('Aql Mujarrad). Pure intellect.

Intellect, Perfected

('Aql-I Salim). Perfected or sound intellect.


(Al Aqtab). These are the exalted friends of Allah around whom various realities of the universe turn. Every Pole (Qutb) is named by two names; firstly, through his essential perfection in manifesting the Name 'Allah', he is the 'Slave of Allah' ('A...