The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Anfus). Selves or souls.

Earth of Souls

(Ardu'l nufus). One of the Northern regions of this earth is ruled by The Green Prophet Peace be upon him) and is inhabited by the Men of the Unseen.


(Asrar). The asrar are hidden within the depths of the inner consciousness. They pass between the purified centre of the emancipated soul (who is a true slave!) and his Lord. All of the secrets derive from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutatio...

deen (din)
Life transaction

(Deen). The word deen indicates the 'life transaction' between Allah and Man. It is not merely religion in the constricted and limited sense which the word has assumed in these times. This 'life transaction' is between Allah and man, between the Crea...

Spiritual resolve

(Himma). Intense Spiritual Resolve. This is the most powerful force contained within man. It is the sincere and dedicated application of all of one's efforts and strivings towards attaining the desired Object - Allah. The strength of this will result...


(Hurriyyah). This is the ultimate freedom of being a slave of Allah. Such a slave is the noble soul who is emancipated from his lower self. In finding himself to be a slave he discovers his own essential non-existence and is therefore free. But, the...

Noble Friends of Allah

(Al Kurama). Allah has befriended these men and women through their 'nobility' of soul. They do not listen to idle talk. They do not look upon that which Allah has condemned looking upon. They are not defiled by any of this. It has no effect upon th...


(Lahi). The 'railer'. One who utters curses and lamentations, or that shouts abuse in order to turn one's attention from, distract from or cause to forget. This is a shaytanic force which attempts to lure the soul away from Divine contemplation. Lahi...


(Lai'm). This is a shaytanic force which attempts to lure the soul away from Divine contemplation. La'im is referred to in Arabic mystical poetry.

lauh al-mahfuz
Preserved Tablet

(Lawh al Mahfuz). The Inscribed or Preserved Tablet upon which the Supreme Pen writes the destinies of all creation. Lawh al Mahfuz is also called the Universal Soul..

Love of the Elect

(Mahabbati Khass). The love of the Elect whose souls incline in totality to witnessing the Beauty of the Essence. Such love is rare, like the Red Sulphur itself. It is through Allah's Own Love of His Elect that His Elect love Allah unconditionally. L...


(Nafs). The ego or the self or the soul. The nafs is that dimension of man which stands between the spirit which is light, and the physical body which is darkness. The spiritual struggle or combat is waged against the downward-pulling tendencies of t...

nafs al-ammara
Self - Commanding

(Nafs al Ammarra). 'The self which commands'. The Qur'an refers to this self, "The (human) soul is certainly prone to evil" (12:53). This self resides in the world of the senses and is dominated by earthly desires and passions. The initial struggle i...

al-nafs al-kulliya
Universal Soul

(Nafs al Kulliya). The Universal Soul which stands below the First Intellect and represents the receptive dimension of the spiritual world.


(Nash'a).The human being is the most perfect of all configurations in the cosmos due to the fact that Allah breathed into him of His Spirit and gave him the potential to manifest the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'. The configuration (nash'a) of man's...