The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Father of the Time

(Abu'l waqt). He is the one to whom Time is subservient, directing the affairs of the world by his will.


(Al Haba). 'The fine dust suspended in the air'. Al haba is a symbol of the universal plastic substance or the prima materia. This symbolism illustrates the double nature of the Spirit. Dust becomes visible only when a beam of light is refracted off ...

haqiqa unsuriyya
Reality- Elemental

(Haqiqa Unsuriyya). This implies the things which are compounded of earth, air, fire, water.


(Hawa). The word hawa' was used by the Holy Prophet Muhammad when he described the 'place' where Allah was before He created the creations. 'He came to be in a cloud, neither above which or below which was any air'. Here is an indication that this Cl...

hikmat al-wujud
Wisdom of Existence

(Hikmat al Wujud). Existence itself is full of wisdom because Allah, the Wise, put everything in its place and He governs the affair. Wisdom may be gained from anything and everything in existence because Allah does not create anything without a pur...


(Istilah). Each science has its own unique terminology through which the people of that science communicate with each other. The newcomer to that science must be taught the terminology which is relevant to his field of study. Tasawwuf, the Science o...

Subtle beings

(Jinn) are the subtle beings, both intelligent and imperceptible, who inhabit the psychic world and whose bodies are made of air or fire. Allah says in The Qur'an, "I created jinn and mankind only to worship (know) Me" (51:56).


(Kathif). In the pairings which relate to the existent things in the cosmos, kathif stands opposite latif (subtle). During the process of descent things increase in density. The further away they are from the Source Itself, the greater their density...

mahw fi ithbat
Effacement in affirmation

(Mahw fi Ithbat). Obliteration in affirmation. The lover is completely at the behest of Allah. He is effaced in his affirmation. He does not desire anything other than what is desired for him. He is the object of the act not the Agent. His affirmati...


(Sha'n). Task or affair or state. Within every created thing, in each indivisible moment, Allah is upon a new task or state or affair (sha'n). These ever-changing tasks (shu'un) are the renewal of creation in each instant.


(Sirat). The bridge over the Hellfire which leads to Paradise. In the Traditions it is said that on the Day of Judgement, when everyone must cross the Sirat, beneath which lies Hellfire, the fire will say to the man of Allah, the true believer, 'Hur...


(Sufli). It the opposite pole to that which is high ('ulwi). The cosmos is comprised of many such pairs.


(Tanfis). To air or to comfort or to cheer up or to relieve or to remove sorrow. And all of this comes to be through the Breathing of Allah.

Free disposal

(Tasarruf). Free disposal or dispensing. The Perfect Man governs the affairs of the world and controls them by means of the Divine Names. He exercises free disposal throughout the world. This free disposal (tasarruf) is the knower's power of bringin...


(Tawakkul) is total trust in and reliance upon Allah. It is the rank of the one with Certainty. It is a station in which everything and every affair is entrusted to Allah. Pure tawakkul is not blind faith. It is certainty based upon knowledge.