The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

al-bayt Allah
House of Allah

(Al Bayt Allah). The House of Allah. The heart of man has the potential of becoming the most noble house of Allah. It can contain Allah, but only when it is prepared for His arrival. This preparation is the heart's purification and transformation through the Remembrance of His Most Holy Name 'Allah'. And this is the alchemical work of the Spiritual Path.

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(Ahl al Tariqa/Ahl al Tasawwuf). The people of the higher teachings of Islam. They follow the path (tariqa) which was set down by the Prophets of Allah and perfected by the Holy Prophet Muhammad. They are the ones who have turned towards Allah through the Remembrance of His Most Holy Name 'Allah'. Their efforts and struggles are directed inwards to purification and transformation of the self. They are the travellers from the lower self to the Higher Self.
(Dhikr). Remembrance, invocation or glorification of Allah, through the repetition of one of His Names or a phrase to His Glory. True dhikr is a spiritual state in which the one who remembers (dhakir) concentrates all of his physical and spiritual powers upon Allah so that his entire being may be united with the Absolute. It is the fundamental practice of the Sufi Path and may be undertaken in solitude or in gatherings. Specific breathing patterns are central to the effectiveness of the dhikr.
(Murid). The one who desires Allah. The murid is the seeker of Reality who is under the direction of a Spiritual Guide (Murshid). He has entered the company of those who concentrate upon Allah through the Remembrance of His Most Holy Name 'Allah'.
(Murshid/Shaykh/Pir). The Murshid is a True Inheritor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). After having been taken to the Divine Presence during his ascension the slave has been returned, by Allah, to the creation to guide and perfect the still imperfect ones. He was taken up as a slave and returned as a slave and Murshid. The qualities of an authentic Murshid are those of his own Master and Teacher, the Holy Prophet himself. The sacred connection between a Murshid and his murids was established in Pre-Eternity and continues into Eternity. Because of the Murshid's own spiritual attainments his murids have the possibility of becoming travellers. The perfect Murshid is of The People of Blame and his murids sometimes also attain Perfection. For the murid, the Murshid is one of the 'signs on the horizons', the outward of his own inward. What he sees in the mirror of his Murshid is a reflection of what is within his own self. He may also see within the Murshid the good qualities and excellent character traits which are yet latent in himself.

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