The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Al 'Aalim (العَالِمُ)
Cosmos, The

(Al 'Aalim). The Cosmos. One of the beautiful Names of Allah. This Name is related to Kawn and Kun.

Names of Allah

See also: Engendered existence Engendered thing, all comprehensive Be Knowers of Allah Perfect Man
(Kawn/Ka'inat). Existence comes from Allah's Word "Be!" ("Kun!"). Allah, as the Divinity, is perpetually with engendered existence, but, engendered existence is not perpetually with Allah. The entire spiritual work of the higher teaching is directed towards being in a perpetual state of presence with Allah. Allah's friends, the Awliya, witness Allah constantly. Their witnessing is a joining which does not turn into a separation, just as knowledge does not turn into ignorance.
(Kawn al Jami'). The Perfect Man is the all comprehensive engendered thing, because he gathers within himself everything in the Divine Reality and everything in the cosmos. He is the locus of manifestation for the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'.
(Kan). To 'be' or that which 'is'. Kan derives from 'existence' (kawn) which is identical with 'being' (wujud). This is clearly stated in the words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace), "Allah is (kan), and nothing is with Him" (Allah is Existent, and nothing is with Allah in Allah's Being).
(Al 'Arifin/'Urufa). They see and recognize Allah wherever they look. The knowers are bewildered. But this is not the bewilderment of being lost, rather it is the bewilderment of having found Allah. They know that He cannot be known. The knowers are nothing because they are everything.
(Al Insan al Kamil). He is the viceregent of Allah, through whom Allah contemplates His Own Name-derived Perfection. The Perfect Man has actualized the divine form and in carrying the Trust has fulfilled his reason for being. It is through the Perfect Man that Allah enters the world. Al Insan al Kamil is also one of the names given to the Supreme Isthmus. Man consists of a body and a spirit which governs it. The cosmos also consists of a body and a spirit which governs it. Its spirit is the Perfect Man. Without him the cosmos is likened to a discarded body.

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