The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Wahdaniyya). This is the Oneness of Allah which was witnessed by mankind at the event of the taking of the Covenant in Pre-Eternity. This is the 'place' and 'time' of original faith and it is this original faith with which each child is born. When the slave of Allah attains to the station where 'opposites are joined' he is given the strongest possible knowledge of Oneness (wahdaniyyah). He knows that the entity of the opposite is identical with its opposite.

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('Uruj at tarkib).The supra-formal spiritual ascent of composition (which is actually a descent), during which man journeys from inward non-manifestation within the Knowledge of Allah to outward manifestation within the world. Man's Return Journey to Allah is the spiritual ascent of decomposition.
(Jam' al Addad). The coincidence or bringing together of opposites. The Name 'Allah' denotes both Essence and Divinity and brings together all the Names.
(Al Wahdah) is situated between the Supreme Unity (Ahadiyyah) and the distinctive Oneness (Wahidiyyah). The slave of Allah seeks to be drowned in the Source of the Ocean of Divine Solitude. Within the Supreme Unity the slave is effaced. Within the Divine Solitude the slave appears in Allah. This is the Perfection of multiplicity in Unity and Unity in multiplicity. 'The slave is the slave and the Lord is the Lord'. This is the perfection of bondage.
(Jam'uhu al Diddayn). When asked, 'Through what do you know Allah?' one of the Masters answered, 'Through the fact that He brings opposites together'.

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