The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Self - Well Pleased
nafs ar-radhiyya

(Nafs ar Radhiyya) is the well-pleased Self. The Qur'an refers to this Self, "Return to your Lord - well pleased . . " (89:28). This Self is well-pleased with itself due to the harmonious balance of its noble character traits. It is annihilated in Al...

Self - Well Pleasing
nafs al-mardhiyya

(Nafs al Mardhiyya). The Qur'an refers to this Self, "And Well-pleasing unto Him!" (89:28). This Self is well-pleasing to Allah. It experiences the bewilderment of journeying from Allah. The Well-pleasing Self is equated with the sixth rung (Truth of...


(Ta'ayyun). To be or to become an entity. Ta'ayyun is self-determination or entification or individualisation. This term is applied to the process of descent through which Pure Being gradually becomes qualified. Man is Absolute Being limited by ta'ay...

Self-determination (corporeal bodies)
ta'ayyun jasadi

(Ta'ayyun jasadi). Self-determination of Being in corporeal bodies.

Self-determination (imaginal forms)
ta'ayyun mithali

(Ta'ayyun Mithali). Self-determination of Being in imaginal forms.

Self-determination (Spirits)
ta'ayyun ruhi

(Ta'ayyun Ruhi). Self-determination of Being in spirits.

Self-Discloser, The

(Al Mutajalli). The Self-discloser. A Divine Name.


(Tajalli) means Allah's unveiling of Himself to His creatures. The Divine Self-disclosures are never repeated and they are never ending. They are the lights of the Unseen which are unveiled to hearts. They are the signs which Allah has placed within ...

Self-disclosure in the Unseen
tajalli ghayb

(Tajalli ghayb). This is the Self-disclosure of the Essence within Itself. Here is 'where' the Absolute reveals Itself to Itself. This is the First Appearance of the Self-consciousness of the Absolute. This Self-disclosure of the Absolute is also cal...

Self-disclosure in the visible
tajalli shahadah

(Tajalli shahadah). This refers to the phenomenon of the permanent archetypes coming out of the stage of potentiality into the outward, visible realm. This is the actualization of the archetypes in concrete forms. Tajalli shahadah is also called The ...

Self-disclosure never repeats Itself
la takrar fi'l-tajalli

(La Takrar fil Tajalli). This expression indicates that there is never any repetition in Allah's Infinite Self-disclosures (Tajalli). This is 'the renewal of creation in each instant' (Tajdid al Khalq fil-Anat). Allah does not unveil Himself in the s...


(Darura). Incontrovertible or self-evident. The Qur'an and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace), whose character was The Qur'an, are incontrovertible and self-evident proofs of Reality. For the knowers, each ...


(Tama'). As long as self-interest exists there can be no sincerity. Worship through tama' is performed with the expectation of reward. Worship inspired by sincerity is service to Allah.

nafs al-qaddisa

(Nafs al Qaddisa). The Sanctified Self has been entirely permeated with the Remembrance of Allah.

Self-Subsisting, The

(Al Qayyum). The Ever Self-Subsisting. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.