The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Secondary Cause

(Sabab). Every existent thing is a secondary cause through which man may come to know Allah and even though the sabab is like a veil over reality, nevertheless, without it we would have no means of access to Knowledge of Allah.

Secondary Causes

(Asbab). These were established as a means by which man can come to know Allah, yet for the majority of mankind the secondary causes act as veils over Reality.


(Sirr). The secret or mystery is a subtle substance of Allah's Grace. It is the innermost consciousness, the point of secret communication between the Lord and His slave. It is the hidden place where Allah manifests His mystery to Himself.

Secret of election
sirr al-khususiyyah

(Sirr al Khususiyyah). The mystery or secret of election. This sirr is the innermost reality of the friends of Allah. Through Allah's jealousy towards His elect He keeps their reality hidden. 'My saints are under My dome. No one knows them but Me'.

Secret of the Knowledge
sirr al-'ilm

(Sirr al 'Ilm). This term indicates the reality that exists for the possessor of that knowledge.

Secret of the Reality
sirr al-haqiqah

(Sirr al haqiqah) is that which is beyond verbal expression. It can merely be hinted at through subtle allusion or indications.

Secret of the Secret
sirr al-sirr

(Sirr al sirr). The Mystery within the Mystery. The Breath within the Breath. This is the greatest subtlety through which Allah isolates Himself from His slave.

Secret of the state
sirr al-hal

(Sirr al hal). This is the realization of what Allah intended to reveal to the one who experiences that particular state (hal).


(Asrar). The asrar are hidden within the depths of the inner consciousness. They pass between the purified centre of the emancipated soul (who is a true slave!) and his Lord. All of the secrets derive from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutatio...

Secrets of the spirit

(Asrar i-ruh). Secrets of the spirit. These are the secret things which are intuited by the spirit and of which the heart is not even aware.


(Murid). The one who desires Allah. The murid is the seeker of Reality who is under the direction of a Spiritual Guide (Murshid). He has entered the company of those who concentrate upon Allah through the Remembrance of His Most Holy Name 'Allah'.

Seeker of Allah
dervish (derwish, darwish)

(Dervish/Darwich). A seeker of Allah. The literal meaning of dervish is 'the one who seeks doors'. One cannot enter into the Presence of Allah Almighty except through the door. That door is one of the Inheritors of the Knowledge of the Prophet Muhamm...

Seeker of Allah
talib Allah

(Talib Allah). He who seeks Allah. The one who knows seeks nothing but Allah. His love, his yearning, his worship, his life, his death are purely, totally and unconditionally for Allah Almighty. He is the slave of Allah.

Seeker of the hereafter
talib al-akhira

(Talib al akhira). He who seeks the next world. The one who seeks the next world must turn to the Sacred Law and follow the guidance of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). The Straight Path of Islam will t...

Seeker of the Lord
talib al-maula

(Talib al Maula). He who seeks the Lord. The Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) is the Lord of the people who love him and follow him. The one who seeks Maulana Muhammad al Mustapha knows that he ma...