The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Reviver of the Religion

(Muhyi Din). The reviver of the religion (deen, din). He is the one who gives new Life to the deen. He drinks directly from the Water of Life and his words and actions give life to all of the inner and outer Islamic Teachings. He makes the Qur'an 'st...


Ghina - see 'Independence'.

Rich by oneself and independent
ghani binafsihi

(Ghani bi nafsihi). Allah is The Necessary Being. He is Rich by Himself and Independent of the Worlds. Man is bereft and poor.

Righteous and virtuous men

(Al Abrar). Within the Sufi hierarchy there are seven men (or women) who are called 'The righteous and virtuous men'.

Righteous Ones

(Salihun). The salihun are those who have become pure and righteous through acquiring the noble character traits.

Rightful, The
Al 'Aadl

(Al 'Aadl). The Rightful, Impartial and Just. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.


(Jaras). The ringing or pealing of bells. Jaras applies to the descent of a divine message upon the slave. Its arrival is overpowering because it comes with divine force.

Ringing of a bell
salsalat al-jaras

(Salsalat al jaras). The ringing of a bell. This term refers specifically to a sound heard by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) at the moment of Revelation. Such a ringing is a characteristic of prophetic ...

Robes of Honour

(Nawalah). The gift of the robes of honour. This is the gift from Allah designating the Individuals known as the Solitaries.


'Asl - see 'Origin'.


(Istilam) is an passionate upheaval of love (walah). It comes upon the heart and completely overpowers it. In being reduced to such a ruin the lover of Allah experiences immense agitation. No sleep for his eyes. No rest for his limbs. Within the rui...


(Ahkam). Orders or determinations or laws or rulings. Allah has set down these ahkam in His Sacred Law. Certain gnostic sciences are contained within these rulings but they are not unveiled unless the rulings are put into practice. This is due to His...

Running through

(Sarayan). Running through or pervading. Sarayan is the pervasion of the entity by Being. Although it is universal, it varies in intensity, reaching its highest degree in the Perfect Man.


(Rayn) is the film which covers the heart like a veil and prevents the Light of Knowledge from entering. This rust can only be removed by faith. Then there is the rust (rayn) which veils the inner eye of the heart. This rust can only be removed throu...