The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Reality of Connection
haqiqat at-tawassul

(Haqiqat at Tawassul). This is the power to connect at all times to Allah. For the seeker this connection is through the Shaykhs of the spiritual chain. For the friends of Allah it is directly through the Holy Prophet Muhammad himself (May the Salut...

Reality of Facing or Alignment
haqiqat at-tawajjuh

(Haqiqat at Tawajjuh). This is the power which enables the Murshid to turn the heart of his murid towards him, and through him towards the Holy Prophet Muhammad and ultimately towards Allah.

Reality of folding space
haqiqat at-tayy

(Haqiqat at Tayy). The secret of this reality is revealed to the one who brings his physical body under control and encases it within his spiritual body. Allah gives this power only to the elect of His friends. It is the power to travel, at will, va...

Reality of Guidance
haqiqat al-irshad

(Haqiqat al Irshad). This is the power which enables the seeker of Truth to follow the Path and reach his destination, once he has been aligned to that Path. The Guide is always Allah, (al Hadi), Who guides through the being of the Murshid or Spirit...

Reality of Muhammad
al-haqiqat al-Muhammadiyyah

(Al Haqiqat al Muhammadiyya). This is 'The Reality of realities'. It is the first descent of Being from the Beyond of the Beyond. It is the Station of True Love and the stage of 'Or Nearer'. Just as man is unable to look directly into the physical s...

Reality of Realities
haqiqat al-haqa'iq

(Haqiqat al Haqa'iq).The Truth of truths. The Reality of realities. Haqiqat al haqa'iq is the intangible isthmus between the Divine Being and the cosmos. Ultimately the Haqiqat al Haqa'iq is the Absolute, but not in its primordial absoluteness. It is...

Reality- Elemental
haqiqa unsuriyya

(Haqiqa Unsuriyya). This implies the things which are compounded of earth, air, fire, water.


(Tahaqquq). This is a characteristic of the Verifiers. When considering the three stages of self-annihilation this realization (tahaqquq) occupies the second stage. It is here that the mystic has his essence annihilated and then realizes in himself ...

Reasoning and demonstration

(Istidlal) is the lower of the two ways leading to knowledge of Allah. The higher way is that of the friends of Allah; i.e. unveiling, tasting, opening, insight and witnessing.


(Iqbal). 'Receive' or 'turn towards'. When Allah created the Intellect He said to it 'Receive' (iqbal) (or 'turn towards [Me]'.) When it had received He said to it 'Transmit' (or 'turn away [from Me]') and it transmitted. The First Intellect is synon...


(Qabul). To receive or to accept (the Self-disclosures of the Real). Such a 'receiving' is not a 'taking'. The spiritual courtesy of this situation demands an extremely high degree of respect, sensitivity, humility and gratitude from the slave. The ...


(Talaqqi). The courtesy of the Spiritual Journey is for the slave to climb towards Allah and for Allah to receive (talaqqi) him.

Receiving knowledge

(Talaqqa). Receiving the knowledge which descends upon the slave from Allah. Such a receiving is not a taking. The hands of the slave are upturned and opened in readiness to receive whatever Allah Wills to send. The hands should never reach forward i...


(Qabil). Each entity is a receptacle to receive and manifest Being. The extent of this receiving and manifesting depends upon the preparedness of the receptacle, which in turn depends upon the entity's reality.


(Infi'al). Receptivity or passivity or readiness to be acted upon. The receptivity of the existent entity is closely related to its preparedness. Such a receptivity or passivity is necessary if the murid is to 'travel' along the Spiritual Path, unde...