The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Ghayr). The 'other'. Allah is the Name that stands for the Unknowable Essence and also the Name that stands for the Divinity. The 'face' of the Unknowable Essence is turned away from creation, but the 'face' of the Divinity is turned towards us. All...


(Siwa) is that which is 'not Allah'.

Other than Allah
ghayr Allah

(Ghayr Allah). 'Other than Allah' is the cosmos and all that it contains. To be 'other than Allah' is to be imperfect, but this 'imperfection' is in itself Perfection!

Other than Allah
ma siwa Allah

(Ma Siwa Allah). It is Allah, as the Divinity, that brings 'other than Allah' into existence. In Truth everything is Allah and that which is 'other-than-Allah' does not exist, however those who are veiled from Reality only see the other than Allah. ...


(Ghayriyyat). . It is this 'otherness' that allows the cosmos, and all that is in it, to exist.

Our Lord

(Maulana). For the friends of Allah, the Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) is 'our Lord' (Maulana) and 'our Master' (Sayyiduna).

Our Master

(Sayyiduna). The Master of the lovers and knowers of Allah is the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). They are the slaves of Muhammad the Chosen One, whose noble title is Sayyiduna Muhammad - our Master Muhamm...

Outward, The
Al Thahir

(Al Thahir). The Principle insofar as It manifests Itself through and in the World; from this derives the perspective of analogy. Mystery of universal Manifestation; of Symbolism.


Thuhur - see 'Manifestation'.


(Afada) To overflow or emanate. Creation is an overflow or an emanation from the the Breath of the All Merciful. Allah is 'the Giver' and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (who is the Greatest Teacher) is 'the Distributor'. The Inheritors of the Prophet (...


(Maqhur) is that which is overpowered. Al Qahhar, the Dominant, demands the existence of maqhur. During spiritual ecstasy the lover becomes the one who is overpowered by Allah's Majesty through His Name al Qahhar.

Overpowered by the heart
maghlub al-qulub

(Maghlub ul Qulub). The one who is under the domination of his purified and illuminated heart.

Overpowered one

(Maghlub). The one who is overpowered, enraptured and annihilated in the Might of his Vanquisher.

Overpowers-The One who

(Al Qaahir) is connected to the Name al Qahhar (The Dominant, the Overwhelming). The one who overpowers of necessity requires the one who is overpowered (maqhur).