The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Fath). This is one of the forms of direct knowledge by which Allah 'opens the door' to the Unseen World. It is the direct knowledge of Allah disclosing Himself to the heart. This 'opening through tasting' is a knowledge which belongs exclusively to ...

Opening of Expression
futuh al-ibarah

(Futuh al ibarah). The Opening of Expression.

Opening of Sweetness
futuh al-halawa

(Futuh al halawa). The Opening of Sweetness within the heart.

Opening of Unveiling
futuh al-mukashafah

(Futuh al mukashafah). The Opening of Unveiling. This is the opening through which Allah unveils His mysteries by opening the door to direct knowledge of Himself.

Opening, The

(Al Fatihah). 'The Opening'. The first chapter (sura) of The Holy Qur'an.


(Futuh).Openings or victory. Futuh are accesses to direct spiritual experience and are generally grouped as the opening of clear explanation or 'verbal expression' in the outer world, the opening of sweetness in the inner world and the opening of Div...


(Mukhalafa). Opposition or incompatibility. Man has within him the possibility of setting himself up in opposition to Allah. The prescriptive command brings this possibility into existence. On a low level this opposition is in the form of a refusal t...

Or Nearer
aw adna

(Aw adna). This term implies Union and disappearance in Allah. It is the final stage in the ascension to Allah, coming after the stage of Qaba Qawsayn ('Two Bows' Length'). It is purely through the Grace of Allah that the station of 'Or Nearer' is at...


(Taqdir) is to establish and define the states of the things before they come into existence in this world.

Order or Arrangement

(Nithaam). The Order has been established by Allah. Realities do not change. The slave is the slave. The Lord is the Lord. The Real is the Real. The creature is the creature. Everything is in its proper place.


Ahkam - see Rulings


(Asl). Origin, root, support or principle. Everything has a root, a support or origin and that root is the One Reality, Allah.

Originator of all causes, The
Al Musabbib

(Al Musabbib). One of the beautiful Names of Allah.


(Hilya). This is a work of calligraphy or decorative art or literature which describes the Noble Qualities of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).

Ornament, Noble
hilya sharif

(Hilya Sharif). A Noble ornament of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. These sacred works of art possess immense spiritual energy. In certain instances the high degree of barakah emanating from a hilya sharif was considered to be of such value to the artist ...