The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Love of the Elect

(Mahabbati Khass). The love of the Elect whose souls incline in totality to witnessing the Beauty of the Essence. Such love is rare, like the Red Sulphur itself. It is through Allah's Own Love of His Elect that His Elect love Allah unconditionally. L...

Love of the material world

(Hubb-i-Dunya). Aspirations, yearnings and love must be turned away from the world and towards Allah if the seeker is sincere in his seeking. Attachment to anything is a barrier, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant that thing appears. Al...

Love of the travellers
Mahabbat as Salikin

(Mahabbat as Salikin). The Love of the travellers is in their inclination towards the beauty of Divinity. 'And you are what you are inclined towards'.

Love pertaining to obligatory works
hubb al-fara'id

(Hubb al Fara'id). Through purity of intention and sincerity of action man is brought nearer and nearer to Allah. In the Journey towards the station of Perfection known as 'The Nearness of obligatory works' the motivation is from the Beloved, Allah....

Love pertaining to supererogatory works
hubb an-nawafil

(Hubb an Nawafil). Through purity of intention and sincerity of action man is brought nearer and nearer to Allah. This beautiful 'approaching' results from the mutual love and affinity (Munasaba) which exists between Allah and His lover (Muhibb). In ...


(Muhibb) This Name may be applied to Allah Himself when considering His slave to be His beloved, or it may be applied to the slave himself whose Beloved is Allah. In reality there is only one Beloved of Allah and that is the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Ma...

Lover - Passionate

('Ashiq). Lover. The 'ashiq is the one who searches for Allah with intense yearning and longing, never allowing himself rest in his pursuit of the Beloved. The perfect lover of Allah loves Allah in every Self-disclosure.

Lover of Allah

(Muqtasid). The one who loves Allah for Himself and not through fear of the Hellfire or longing for Paradise.

Loving Care
Al Janaan

Al Janaan - see 'Full of Loving Care'.

Loving, The

(al Wadud). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Sufli). It the opposite pole to that which is high ('ulwi). The cosmos is comprised of many such pairs.


(Adna). This term is applied as with the opposing attitudes peculiar to those who are called the 'higher' people and the others who are called the 'lower' people. 'Lower' and 'higher' indicate the differences in degrees of 'knowing' Allah.

Lower plenum
al-mala' al-adna (al-mala' al-asfal)

(Mala' al Adna) (Mala' al Asfal). The lower plenum which is comprised of the creatures of the corporeal world.

Lowest of the low

(Asfala safilin). This is the lowest point on man's descent from inward manifestation within Allah's Knowledge to outward manifestation within the world. It is from here that man starts his ascent, his Return Journey to Allah.


(Nurani). Within the cosmos, which is the realm of opposites, that which is luminous (nurani) stands in opposition to that which is dark (thulmani). All is relative, and while the angels are luminous when compared with corporeal things they are in fa...